Discuss Leave No Trace Principles with Your Party (Overview)

A group of women and men discuss their expedition over maps spread out on a table. A group of campers talks in a circle in their forested camp. A group of kayakers gives a safety talk before setting out.
LNT principles should be regularly discussed with your party before and during your expedition.

Discuss Leave No Trace Principles with Your Party:
Overview  (click here for 137 kb pdf version)

Discuss all seven Leave No Trace principles with your party/clients and what practices and gear allow you to apply the strongest outdoor ethic.

Discuss people’s experience, skill-levels, physical condition, comfort-levels and expectations when you are planning your expedition.

Leave No Trace means thinking beyond your group and your trip and conducting yourselves respectful of the natural community and of future visitors.

Consider your potential impact on an area in the context of past, present and future visitor impacts.

Outdoor ethics do not spontaneously emerge or remain static: they must be regularly discussed, understood, examined and adapted.

Examine impacts you make in the field, re-naturalize the area if possible and discuss how to avoid making those impacts in the future.

Teach Leave No Trace principles to others, especially youth, to spread responsible recreation practices.