Artist in Residence Highlights 2019


As we celebrate the 10th season of hosting the Voices of the Wilderness, Artists in Residence Program, we excitedly present to you this year's artists.


US Forest Service Shield.Nellie Juan-College Fiord Wilderness Study Area
Chugach National Forest
US Forest Service

VALISA HIGMAN | Paper artist from Seldovia, AK


Valisa Higman sitting on the shore working on an art project. Oyster Catchers. “The opportunity to visit Prince William Sound, to see its tidewater glaciers and seals on icebergs felt like one of those ‘catch it before its gone’ moments. I wanted to burn the image into my mind, of calving glaciers making salt water wakes; the exact shades of blue of the ancient ice; the sculptural shapes of icebergs melting as they drifted away on the tide. I wanted to appreciate it now before it was gone, make it familiar. It is hard not to think of change when I think of my time in Prince William Sound. The icy landscape has somehow existed past the ice age into our lifetimes, a holdout against the march of time. How long before the tidewater glacier is extinct? I take a moment to appreciate the gravity of that."


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Community Extension: Valisa hosted a slideshow lecture about her experiences at the Sea Otter Community Center in Seldovia, Alaska.

Artist Donation:  Valisa donated a 10” x 22” matted and framed piece, consisting of cut paper and watercolor.

Stewardship Projects:

  • Participated in the “Teach the Teachers” Expedition at Derickson Spit, a partnership between the US Forest Service, Alaska Geographic and the University of Alaska.
  • Assisted with trail work at Granite Mine trail in Prince William Sound.
  • Assisted the cabins crew at Harrison Lagoon Cabin.
  • Deck hand aboard two Forest Service vessels.

Artist websites:


Nellie Juan-College Fiord glacier and reflections.


US Forest Service Shield.Tebenkof Bay Wilderness
Tongass National Forest
US Forest Service

JENNIFER SONNE | Oil painter from Anchorage, AK



US Forest Service Shield.Tracy Arm-Ford’s Terror Wilderness
Tongass National Forest
US Forest Service

GREGORY FRUX | Oil Painter and Illustrator for Brooklyn, NY


Reflection of the land in the sea


US Forest Service Shield.West Chichagof Wilderness Area
Tongass National Forest
US Forest Service

CECIL HOWELL | Visual Collage artist from Brooklyn, NY



US Fish and Wildlife Service Shield.Arctic Wilderness
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
US Fish & Wildlife Service

MICHAEL BOARDMAN | Painter/Illustrator from North Yarmouth, ME



US Fish and Wildlife Service Shield.Innoko Wilderness    
Innoko National Wildlife Refuge
US Fish & Wildlife Service

ROBERT WINFREE | Multi-media artist from Anchorage, AK



US Fish and Wildlife Service Shield.Togiak Wilderness
Togiak National Wildlife Refuge and Wilderness
US Fish & Wildlife Service

MARA MENAHAN | Painter and Illustrator from Helena, MT



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