Artist in Residence Highlights 2020


National Park Service Shield.Noatak Wilderness
Western Arctic National Parklands
National Park Service

 PAM HANNEMAN | Oil Painter from Anchorage, AK

Pam Hanneman smiles with whale bones and paintings

Pam Hanneman smiles with whale bones and paintings

" In 2020, when Covid-19 kept all other artists invited to the VOTW program at home, I was incredibly fortunate to explore the beautiful and remote Arctic coastal region of Cape Krusenstern National Monument with a small team from the National Park Service. 

Wandering, photographing, and painting the Cape Krusenstern landscape soaked in ribbons of fall colors provided some remarkable memories, and there were endless artistically inviting things to create from its beauty and my unique experiences there.  Yet one of the best things about the residency was that it gave me license to delve beyond the surficial beauty of the landscape I saw to uncover the real meaning of what makes this place so special: the extraordinary importance of Cape Krusenstern lands to the local Inupiat people, who have used these grounds for subsistence hunting and gathering for over 5000 years.  

The goal of my residency and artwork is to recognize and honor the relationship that ties these lands to the Inupiat’s history and survival.  I was thrilled to incorporate my personal experience of finding a very old ulu in the beach sands there into my piece, fitting nicely with its subsistence theme."


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Community Extension:  Pam gave multiple presentations of her experience, showing the unique beauty and nature of Cape Krusenstern and the activities we pursued during the residency.

-A short video to educate other artists about the VOTW program to encourage them to apply, and sharing ideas on how to prepare for success.

-A how to illustration showing the process of turning a photograph into an original work of art, from plein air study to finished studio piece- a roadmap to show simple ideas and steps to create a personalized and intentional interpretation of a memory from a photograph.

-A Word document to be used in WEAR’s Jr. Ranger program, a word scramble and art sticker worksheet illustrating subsistence plants and animals found in the Cape and reinforcing Inupiat language

-A cast of musk ox tracks collected from the field for display in the visitor center


Artist Donation:  Inupiat Subsistence at Cape Krusenstern: A series of oil painted illustrations featuring the keynote species being studied in the park, to be used for website and interpretive programs.


Stewardship Projects:

  • Monitoring activities
  • wildlife surveys
  • local resident contacts
  • seasonal cabin maintenance



The following artists were selected but were not able to participate in 2020 due to COVID-19


US Forest Service Shield.Kootznoowoo Wilderness
Tongass National Forest
US Forest Service

KYLE NIEMER & BRAD EINSTEIN | Video/Filmmakers from Chicago, IL


US Forest Service Shield.Nellie Juan-College Fiord Wilderness Study Area
Chugach National Forest
US Forest Service

CLAUDIA IHL | Painter from Fairbanks, AK  


US Forest Service Shield. Sitka Ranger District Wilderness Areas: (South Baranof Wilderness or West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness)
Tongass National Forest
US Forest Service

CYNTHIA WHALEN-NELSON | Oil Painter from Narragansett RI


US Forest Service Shield. Tebenkof Bay Wilderness Area
Tongass National Forest
US Forest Service

THERESA PTAK | Printmaker/Illustrator from Seattle, WA 


US Forest Service Shield. Tracy Arm-Ford’s Terror Wilderness
Tongass National Forest
US Forest Service

GREGORY FRUX Gregory Frux | Painter/Illustrator from Brooklyn, NY


US Fish and Wildlife Service Shield. Arctic Wilderness
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
US Fish & Wildlife Service

KRISTIN RAUCKIS | Painter from Sedona, AZ


US Fish and Wildlife Service Shield. Innoko or Koyukuk Wilderness
Innoko/Koyukuk National Wildlife Refuges
US Fish & Wildlife Service

GAIL PRIDAY | Painter from Fairbanks, AK


US Fish and Wildlife Service Shield. Togiak Wilderness
Togiak National Wildlife Refuge
US Fish & Wildlife Service

KEITH BOGGS | Painter from Anchorage, AK


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