Habitat of Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site

Photo of the stream and vegetation typical of the Fish Creek site.

Fish Creek

is a clear cold stream bordered by typical riparian vegetation of hemlock, cottonwood and alder. The boardwalk, platforms, benches and parking lot were all recontructed in 2000. The site was improved to help accommodate the increasing number of visitors to the site, maintain a safe separation between people and bears, and allow the bears to feel “comfortable” enough to pursue their normal behavior without concern for observers.

Site Rules: The following rules are required to provide for visitor safety and protection from bears. They will allow the bears to feed in a more natural and undisturbed setting. Please follow all directions from Forest Service personnel on the site, who are very knowledgable about the bears' behavior.

  • No food is permitted outside any vehicle. Please refrain from bringing any food to the site.
  • Dogs, other than guide dogs, are not allowed at the site.
  • Walk slowly and quietly in the site. Sudden movement and running will disturb the bears. Also refrain from shouting and talking loudly.
  • Do not climb down the creek banks or go into the creek. Leave these areas to the bears so that they may be undisturbed by humans as they feed.
  • Please try to limit the time spent on the dike and the main road. These are primary access routes to food sources for the bears. Although the bears are accustomed to people on the platform and in the parking lot, they need to be able to be unimpeded and roam freely throughout the site.
  • No fishing is permitted from the streambanks in the site.
  • Please do not use cameras with a flash as it startles the bears.
  • Be alert - look around - the bears move freely along the road, dike, and between the creeks.
  • Be patient - the bears will come but they are not in a zoo. They will come when people are quiet and behaving in an acceptable manner (i.e. staying in the areas bears expect to see people, such as on the viewing platform.)
  • Please remember to carry out with you everything you bring in.