Insect PDFs

To download a PDF for a specific insect, click on the links below.  If you are interested in downloading multiple files, consider downloading the Field Guide to Diseases & Insects of the Rocky Mountain Region.

Bark Beetles

Intro to Bark Beetles

Mountain Pine Beetle

Ash Bark Beetles

Pine Ips Species (Engraver Beetles)

Aspen Bark Beetles

Pinyon Ips

Blue Spruce Engraver

Pinyon Twig Beetles

Cedar Bark Beetles

Red Turpentine Beetle

Douglas-fir Beetle

Roundheaded Pine Beetle

Douglas-fir Pole & Engraver Beetles

Spruce Beetle

Elm Bark Beetles

Spruce Engraver Beetles

Fir Engraver

Twig Beetles

Limber Pine Engraver

Western Balsam Bark Beetle

Lodgepole Pine Beetle

Western Pine Beetle



Introduction to Defoliating Insects

Aspen Leafminer

Oak Leafrollers


Pandora Moth

Cottonwood Leaf Beetle

Pine Butterfly

Douglas-fir Tussock Moth

Pine Sawflies

Elm Leaf Beetle

Tiger Moth

Fall Webworm

Western Pine Budworm

Forest Tent Caterpillar

Western Pine Tussock Moth

Large Aspen Tortrix

Western Spruce Budworm


Western Tent Caterpillar


Wood Borers

Intro to Wood Borers

Agrilus querciola

Flatheaded Wood Borers (Metallic Wood Borers)

Ambrosia Beetles

Juniper Borers

Bronze Poplar Borer

Lilac (Ash) Borer

Carpenter Ants

Poplar Borer


Roundheaded Wood Borers (Longhorned Beetles)

Cottonwood Borer

Twolined Chestnut Borer

Elm Borer

Wood Wasps (Horntails)


Sap-Sucking Insects, Gall Formers, and Mites

Introduction to Sap-Sucking Insects, Gall Formers, and Mites

Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid

Petiolegall Aphids 

European Elm Scale

Pine Needle Scale

Gall (Eriophyid) Mites

Pinyon Needle Scale

Giant Conifer Aphids

Spider Mites

Oystershell Scale


Bud and Shoot Insects

Introduction to Bud, Shoot, Branch, and Terminal Insects

Pine Tip Moth

Pitch Nodule Moths

Pitch Moths

White Pine Weevil & Lodgepole Pine Terminal Weevil