CDI-Tools-Interpretive Planning



These tools provide some of the basics to help you plan, manage, and implement your interpretive project.

More Resources

Boosting Your Interpretive Messages - (pdf - 1.5MB) Discusses digital interpretive media and Section 508 (2014)

Integrated Interpretive Services and Conservation Education Planning  - (pdf - 2.19MB) The Gallatin NF embarked on an integrated planning process in 2008; this PowerPoint kicked off the effort

Learning Outreach Continuum - (pdf - 17KB) - Graphic depiction of how interpretation and conservation education are a continuum of learning methods rather than discreet types of communication.

Scenic Byway Interpretive Planning - (pdf - 952KB) – A step-by-step approach to planning components and processes.

Designing for Interpretation (pdf - 2.86MB) – Visual guidelines for meaningful interpretation: the "source, structure, and sense."

Wayside Exhibits, Signs, and Frames - (pdf - 2.22MB) – A discussion of sign and frame materials (pros and cons of different types), costs, and site planning.

Sign and Turnout Planning - (pdf - 3.66MB) -  CDI partnered with Wyoming Travel and Tourism to host Sign Workshops throughout the state that shared the basics of interpretive sign design. View a pdf of the PowerPoint used.

Universal Accessibility Interpretive Design - (pdf - 6.21MB) Guidance on how to design interpretive media for maximum accessibility.

Region 6 Interpretive Project Guide Book (1994) - (pdf - 1.3MB)  - Guidance on media choices, writing and design, facilities, contracting, and partnerships.