The Dazzling Hues of Fall Color

Fall Color - Shoshone NF Fall Color - San Juan NF Fall Color - Kebler Pass

National forests & grasslands are wonderful places to see fall colors.

National Forests by State


Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests & Pawnee National Grassland



Nebraska & Samuel R. McKelvie National Forests, Buffalo Gap, Fort Pierre, & Oglala National Grasslands

Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, & Gunnison National Forests


South Dakota

Black Hills National Forest

Pike–San Isabel National Forests & Cimarron–Comanche National Grasslands



Bighorn National Forest

Rio Grande National Forest


Medicine Bow–Routt National Forests & Thunder Basin National Grassland

San Juan National Forest


Shoshone National Forest

White River National Forest


Want to know more?

Why do leaves turn color?

Aspen Trees- Please do not carve on trees, it can weaken them, open them up to infection & diseases & in some cases prove fatal. Quaking aspen in the Western United States are getting harder to find. In recent years, scientists have noted that populations of quaking aspen are in decline in the western United States and Canada. Study of the causes, and in some cases action, is needed to understand and reverse this trend so opportunities to view and enjoy aspen do not fade. Remember Leave No Trace and don't carve on trees. If you want to leave your mark, consider volunteering-the opportunities are endless.