Land Ownership and Boundary Adjustment


Land Area Report

In any given year the Forest Service disposes of or acquires lands through the process of land exchanges or purchases with private parties, States or other agencies.


At the end of each fiscal year, the Region prepares a National Land Areas Report to reflect the changes in land ownership on each Forest within the Region. This report can be found at the Washington Office Lands and Realty page.


The specific changes in land ownership within the Rocky Mountain Region can be accessed through the link “Changes in Land Ownership”. These reports are by year beginning in FY 1998 through the current year (available after January of the reporting year).


This report is a listing of all changes in land ownership for the past year and shows the name of the action and the legal description of each parcel which changed in ownership.


As with all lands transactions which result in a change in ownership, especially regarding public lands, the user of said lands should contact the local land management agencies’ offices (i.e., Forest Supervisor’s Office or District Office) to obtain the most up to date changes of land ownership.


It is advised the user of the National Forests obtain the current Forest Visitor’s Map, Topographic Maps, Motor Vehicle Use Maps, and any other closure or restriction notices before enjoying your National Forests.


Changes in Land Ownership by Year


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