Species Evaluations and Rationales

Image of an alert prairie dog

White-tailed Prairie Dog

In 2003, the procedure and criteria for designating Regional Forester sensitive species underwent a substantive revision and update as one component of the Region's "Species Conservation Project" initiative at the time. The update was designed to incorporate the best science and data available into a repeatable, qualitative evaluation of viability risk for species, with the primary goal to identify those plants and animals needing special attention in Forest Service planning and management.

To develop and update the Regional Forester's sensitive species list, internal and external experts prepared succinct evaluations of each species. Based on one or more of these evaluations, a recommendation was prepared documenting the status of the species as: 1) R2 Sensitive; 2) Not R2 Sensitive, but should be considered for other emphasis species lists; 3) Not R2 Sensitive and not of concern; or 4) Insufficient information available to make a recommendation. The Region encourages forest personnel to provide new information on "insufficient information" species at any time. Those species can be found by clicking on the "Rationales" link for a taxa group below and scrolling to the bottom of the page that comes up. The forms used in the evaluation and recommendation of species for sensitive status are here:  Evaluation and Recommendation

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