Species Conservation Assessments - Birds

The Region 2 Species Conservation Program species assessment reports for the majority of the sensitive species and management indicator species for the region. More than 200 reports for plants and animals are posted on this Web site.

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Recommended citation for Region 2 assessments can be found on page 2 of each assessment. For a complete alphabetical bibliography of assessments published by the R2 Species Conservation Program, click here!

Errata may have been posted with individual Assessments, to document subsequent corrections or clarifications.

We have also been doing a pilot test of Addenda, as a method to maintain the currency of information in the assessments. Fifteen examples of these addenda have been posted as well, underneath the relevant Species Assessment. We would appreciate hearing your feeback about the value of the Addenda, to help us decide whether to pursue this approach. Please e-mail Peter McDonald (peter.mcdonald@usda.gov) your feedback.











   BirdsFerruginous Goshawk  
   Bird-Northern Goshawk-100  
   Birds-Green-tailed towhee  


   Birds-Northern harrier  
   Birds-Lark bunting  
   Birds-chestnut-collared longspur  
  Bird-McCowan Longspur  




   Birds-Long-billed curlew  

Birds-Purple Martin

   Birds- Olive-sided flycatcher  


   Birds-Burrowing Owl  


   Birds-Short-Eared Owl  


   Birds-Pinyon jay  


   Birds-Mountain Plover  


   Birds-Lesser Prairie chicken-100  


   Birds-Greater Prairie chicken-100  


   Birds-Pygmy nuthatch  


Pygmy nuthatch (Sitta pygmaea) [PDF 2.2 MB — Web published 8/10/06]

   Bird-Ruffed Grouse  


   Birds-Loggerhead Shrike  





   Bird-Brewers Sparrow  



   Bird-Cassins Sparrow  



   Birds-Fox Sparrow  


   Birds-Grasshopper Sparrow  


   Bird-Lincolns Sparrow  



   Bird-Sage Sparrow  



   Birds-Black Swift  



   Bird-Black Tern  
   Birds-Trumpeter Swan  
   Bird-Wilsons Warbler  



   Birds-White-tailed ptarmigan  


   Birds-Woodpecker, American three-toed  


   Birds-Lewis Woodpecker  



Available species assessment reports from other organizations


 Birds-Western burrowing owl
Western burrowing owl — North American Conservation Action Plans (NACAPs)
 Birds-Ferruginous Hawk
Ferruginous hawk — North American Conservation Action Plans (NACAPs)


 The following reports are from the Black Hills National Forest


 Brown American Dipper


 Brown American Kestrel


 Brown Hawk


 Eastern Owl
 Grey merlin
 Grey Pygmy Nuthatch
 brown burrowing owl
 white woodpecker