Species Conservation Assessments - Fishes

The Region 2 Species Conservation Program species assessment reports for the majority of the sensitive species and management indicator species for the region. More than 200 reports for plants and animals are posted on this Web site.

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Recommended citation for Region 2 assessments can be found on page 2 of each assessment. For a complete alphabetical bibliography of assessments published by the R2 Species Conservation Program, click here!

Errata may have been posted with individual Assessments, to document subsequent corrections or clarifications.

We have also been doing a pilot test of Addenda, as a method to maintain the currency of information in the assessments. Fifteen examples of these addenda have been posted as well, underneath the relevant Species Assessment. We would appreciate hearing your feeback about the value of the Addenda, to help us decide whether to pursue this approach. Please e-mail Peter McDonald (peter.mcdonald@usda.gov) your feedback.





Chub, Flathead (Platygobio gracilis) [PDF 1.7 MB — Web published  7/22/04


Chub, Hornyhead (Nocomis biguttatus) [PDF .8 MB — Web published 7/22/04]


Chub, Lake (Couesius plumbeus) [PDF 2.2 MB — Web published 5/4/06]


Chub, Rio Grande (Gila pandora) [PDF .8 MB — Web published 5/11/05]


Chub, Roundtail (Gila robusta robusta) [PDF .9 MB — Web published 5/3/05]


Chub,Sturgeon (Macrhybopsis gelida) [PDF 1.8 MB — Web published 8/18/04]


Dace, Finescale (Phoxinus neogaeus) [PDF 2.3 MB — Web published 3/6/06]


Dace, Northern redbelly (Phoxinus eos) [PDF 1.7 MB — Web published 2/10/06]


Dace, Pearl (Margariscus margarita) [PDF 3.1 MB — Web published 9/20/06]


Dace, Southern redbelly (Phoxinus erythrogaster) [PDF 2.2 MB — Web published 1/11/07]


Plains killifish (Fundulus zebrinus) [PDF 2.8 MB — Web published 3/18/04]


Plains minnow (Hybognathus placitus) [PDF .8 MB — Web published 5/17/05]


Plains topminnow (Fundulus sciadicus) [PDF 1.4 MB — Web published 9/13/04]


Sucker, Bluehead (Catostomus discobolus) [PDF .9 MB — Web published 4/25/05]


Sucker, Flannelmouth (Catostomus latipinnis) [PDF .8 MB — Web published 4/6/05]


Sucker, Mountain (Catostomus platyrhynchus) [PDF 1.6 MB — Web published 8/23/06]


Sucker, Rio Grande (Catostomus plebeius) [PDF .9 MB — Web published 5/16/05]


Trout, Brook (Salvelinus fontinalis) [PDF 2.5 MB — Web published 6/26/09]


Trout, Brown (Salmo trutta) [PDF 3.3 MB — Web published 4/26/07


Trout, Colorado River cutthroat (Oncorhynchus clarkii pleuriticus) [PDF 1.4 MB — Web published 10/10/08]


Trout, Greenback cutthroat (Oncorhynchus clarkii stomias) [PDF 3 MB — Web published 2/6/09]


Trout, Rainbow (Oncorhynchus mykiss) [PDF 2.5 MB — Web published 10/10/08]


Trout, Rio Grande cutthroat (Oncorhynchus clarkii virginalis) [PDF 2.1 MB — Web published 7/28/06]


Trout, Yellowstone cutthroat (Oncorhynchus clarkii bouvieri) [PDF 4.7 MB — Web published 11/21/08]
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The following report is from the Black Hills National Forest


Lake chub, mountain sucker, and finescale dace