Species Evaluations & Rationales - Nonvascular

Species occurrence on National Forest System units as portrayed by these tables is based on limited information available to evaluators at the time of preparation of species evaluations. Because these evaluations were intended to be sketches and not exhaustive, and because distribution information for many species is inadequate, the accuracy of these location tables cannot be ensured. Therefore, users must assume the responsibility of verifying that this information is accurate for individual forests.

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Recommendation: R2 Sensitive Species
The current Regional Forester sensitive non-vascular plants and their evaluations are on the "Sensitive Species List" page.
Recommendation: Not R2 Sensitive Species, But Should Be Considered For Other Emphasis Species Lists
Fringed lichen
Anaptychia bryorum
Evaluation Rationale
Sphagnum moss
Sphagnum platyphyllum
Evaluation Rationale
Recommendation: Insufficient Information Available to Make a Recommendation
New Wyoming xanthoparmelia lichen
Xanthoparmelia neowyomingica
Evaluation Rationale