Agency Special Status Species

Image of white-tailed ptarmigan on the Pike-San Isabel National Forest (USFS)Part of streamlining ESA processes like section 7 is working toward proactive management of declining species and either avoiding need for ESA protections in the first place, or have management in place prior to listing to minimize impacts to ongoing programs and projects in a post-listing land management environment. For example, BLM and Forest Service in Colorado and Wyoming each maintain lists of special status species (aka sensitive species) and afford them special management attention due to concerns for their decline. In many cases, there is considerable overlap in these species across the agencies' lists and lands we manage. Opportunities likely exist to increasingly leverage limited resources and the scope of conservation efforts across larger landscapes for these species. On this page are examples of current policies governing management of these special status species by agency, the lists of these species for cooperative planning purposes, and other examples of existing conservation plans, strategies and agreements involving our special status species.

Bureau of Land Management

Forest Service

National Park Service

BLM / USFS shared sensitive species

Many opportunities exist for field personnel across the agencies to explore collaborative conservation projects and leverage resources for our common special status species. These are just the shared species and not the full lists for each agency, which are provided above.

Conservation Assessments

Conservation Plans, Strategies, and Agreements

Some available conservation plans, strategies and agreements.

Candidate Conservation Agreements

Greater Sage-grouse

This webpage hosted by the Wyoming Stockgrowers Association has a wealth of materials related to the CCAA/CCAs for private lands and lands managed by the BLM and Forest Service in Wyoming.

Gunnison sage-grouse

State Wildlife Action Plans

Other Multi-species Conservation Plans

Taxa- or Species-specific Plans, Strategies & Agreements


The species-specific reports and conservation agreements presented here were not necessarily developed by the streamlining agencies, although members may have contributed to development of some. They are provided for awareness.

Boreal Toad
Burrowing Owl
Cassin's Sparrow
Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse
Cutthroat Trout
Ferruginous Hawk
Greater Sage–grouse
Lesser Prairie–chicken
Long–billed Curlew
Mountain Plover
Prairie Dog


Gunnison's and White-tailed

Swift Fox