Rocky Mountain Region GIS Data Library - Region Wide Datasets


Our geographic area of responsibility covers Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

The datasets presented here are derived from the USFS Land Status Records System (LSRS) and the USFS infrastructure database (Infra), and other current projects of a region wide nature, then processed using ArcMap and Google™ Earth Pro. 

Region Wide Datasets
Allotments (Range) - July 2008 SHP Metadata KML
Nationwide Boundaries and Ownership
(Land status and boundary management themes)
Fire Dispatch Areas  SHP    
Fire Dispatch Centers  SHP    
Forest 7.5' Quad Index      
Forest Management Plan - Forest Merge Codes SHP Metadata  
National Forest System Roads
   Data Dictionary - Doc    PDF  
National Forest System Trails
   Data Dictionary - Doc    PDF
Offices  SHP Metadata KML
Recreation Sites (Developed) SHP   KML
Roadless Areas 2001  SHP Metadata KML
Roadless Options 2010      
Rocky Mountain Region - PDF SHP Metadata KML

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