Rocky Mountain Region 14ers

Mount Zirkel WildernessThe Rocky Mountain Region is home to several major geographic items of interest, chief among them the Rocky Mountains themselves, the Continental Divide that divides the watershed of our nation between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, being home to headwaters of major rivers such as the Colorado River, Arkansas River, Rio Grande River and Green River along with other places like Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills, the desolate Bad Lands, the Sandhills region of Nebraska and the vast grasslands of the Great Prairie rolling through Kansas.

The Colorado Rockies are part of the North American Cordillera that stretches 3,000 miles from Alaska through western Canada and the United States into northern Mexico. The centerpieces of this dramatic uplift are the 54 peaks over 14,000 feet, or "Fourteeners," as climbers affectionately refer to them. Many of these peaks are within designated Wilderness

Colorado is the only state in the Rocky Mountain Region that has mountains that qualify as Fourteeners. Thousands of people visit Colorado's Fourteeners each year on national forestlands. While some of the more remote peaks remain pristine, increased recreational use has seriously impacted many peaks and their alpine basins.

Always follow Leave No Trace principles and posted regulations to help protect these areas.

  • View a listing of Rocky Mountain Region Fourteeners, including elevations, mountain ranges, latitude and longitude, applicable USGS 7.5' topo maps along with other information.

Mountain Safety Videos

Climbing is dangerous, even deadly! There are no shortcuts. Check out Colorado Fourteeners Initiative YouTube Channel to learn more about the risks associated with climbing and how to help protect the rare and fragile alpine tundra ecosystems on these peaks.

More information about climbing and protecting Colorado's peaks

  • Colorado Fourteeners Initiative - This partnership between agencies, organizations, groups, and individuals is committed to protecting and preserving the natural integrity of Colorado's Fourteeners and the quality of the recreational opportunities they provide.
  • - This site provides photos, routes, peak information, and an open forum without membership fees or competition.
  • Colorado Mountain Club - The primary purposes of the club are to gather and disseminate information regarding the Colorado mountains in the areas of art, science, literature and recreation; to furnish facilities for the enjoyment and study of the mountains by the Club members and the public; and to advocate for the preservation of the alpine regions.

Safety and ethics

  • Review outdoor recreation safety information and be prepared for your trip.
  • Follow Leave No Trace principles to help protect our special places. 
  • - This multi-agency site works to connect federal employees, scientists, educators, and the public with their wilderness heritage.

Highest Peaks in the Rocky Mountain Region by State 

  • Colorado - Mt. Elbert, elevation 14,433', Sawatch Range
  • Kansas - Mount Sunflower, elevation 4,039', small hill near Kansas/Colorado border
  • Nebraska - Panorama Point, elevation 5,424', low rise near the Colorado/Wyoming border
  • South Dakota - Harney Peak , elevation 7,242', Black Hills Range
  • Wyoming - Gannett Peak, elevation 13,804', Wind River Range