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Wilderness Core Team members stand on the summit of Mt. Bierstadt, 14,060 ft., in the Mount Evans Wilderness, managed by the Arapaho and Pike National ForestsThe Wilderness Core Team (WCT) is composed of 11 members of the public that have volunteered their time to attend the Recreation Forums and Wilderness Field Trips. The Wilderness Core Team will prepare a Summary Report to present to the Regional Forester and Colorado National Forest Supervisors with recommendations on how to manage recreation use in Colorado's popular wilderness areas in the future.
Wilderness Core Team (WCT) Links are available for viewing below:
  • Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center – National and international leaders in the development and implementation of wilderness training, information, and education programs
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  • – An Internet-based tool connecting the natural resource workforce, scientists, educators, and the public to their wilderness heritage through ready access to wilderness information. Through and its partners, you'll find access to general information about wilderness, stewardship and educational resources, scientific information, agency policies, relevant legislation, communication tools to connect you with others in the wilderness community and more.
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  • Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute – The Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute is the only Federal research group in the United States dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge needed to improve management of wilderness, parks, and similarly protected areas
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  • The Wilderness Act
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  • R2 Volunteer Group Map
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  • Colorado Areas of Concern Map
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