Colorado Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (CO RRAC) Home

Stub Creek Cabin, in the Roosevelt National Forest, located in north-central Colorado on the Wyoming border, and link to the Facility Detail webpage at Recreation.govThe Colorado Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (CO RRAC) is a citizen's advisory committee that makes recommendations on creating new or changing existing recreation fees managed by the US Forest Service (USFS) in Colorado. The CO RRAC is authorized under the Federal Land Recreation Enhancement Act (REA), which was signed into law in December, 2004. More information, including the RRAC's charter and how to apply to a RRAC in the future, can be found on the National RRAC website.
Roberts Cabin, in the Pike National Forest, located in central Colorado and southwest of Denver, and link to the Facility Detail webpage at Recreation.govAdvice and recommendations from the CO RRAC is combined with other public notification and communication efforts to help the Forest Service make sound decisions regarding recreation fees. Meeting information, including meeting announcements, agendas, minutes, public comment opportunities, project proposals and recommendations, will be made available as soon as the documents are produced. Check this site before and after each meeting to stay updated on the work of the CO RRAC.
Use the links in the table to the right in order to navigate to different sections of the CO RRAC website. There are sections for the CO RRAC's Board Members, to view Preliminary Proposals that have been submitted to the Board prior to the actual meeting where the proposals will be discussed, a library of various CO RRAC documents, along with summaries of each CO RRAC meeting.