Current Highlights

April 2021 - The map below highlights areas of notable insect or disease activity or on-going projects in the Southwestern Region. Click on an icon on the map or from the list below for more information on each highlight.

Relief map of Arizona and New Mexico showing icons with location of highlights

Pandora MothLooper on Santa Fe NFBlister Rust ResistancePine EngraverAspen DeclineSpruce BeetleNursery PathogensDwarf Mistletoe

Links for locations on the map:

  1. Tree nursery pathogen diversity study
  2. Preserving genetic resistance to white pine blister rust
  3. Aspen decline and monitoring projects
  4. Dwarf mistletoe plot remeasurements (throughout AZ)
  5. Spruce beetle activity in northern NM
  6. Bark beetle activity in Central and Northern Arizona in 2021
  7. Looper activity on the Santa Fe NF
  8. Invasive oystershell scale threatens aspen conservation in the Southwest

Story Maps

See our ESRI Story Maps highlighting the aerial survey results:

Conditions Report

For a comprehensive report of insect and disease activity in the region, please see our latest 2021 Conditions Report.

Key Contacts

  • Joel McMillin
    Forest Health AZ Zone Leader
  • Andy Graves
    Forest Health NM Zone Leader
  • Allen White
    R3 Pesticide / Invasive Species Specialist

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