Recently Reopened Recreation Opportunities

Recently Recently Opened Recreation Sites

The Southwestern Region continues to implement a state by state strategy for phased re-openings through June based on risk assessments and available cleaning supplies. The vast majority of the National Forests acres remain open for dispersed camping and use. Changes occur weekly across the region, generally taking effect each Friday. This is a compilation of sites closed due to the Covid epidemic that  have recently reopened or are planned to do so in the next few days.  Note that many sites are being closed for your health and safety as they are in the path of wildfires.  Each forest is working to update recreation site status and conditions, but during large fire situations there may be pressing safety issues that delay updating the websites.  

For the health and safety of our visitors and employees and to prevent accidental wildfires, a campfire ban remains in effect for the Region and a recreational shooting closure remains in effect on the Prescott, Tonto and Coronado National Forests in Arizona. Additional Stage II fire restrictions are in place are in place on the Coconino, Kaibab, Prescott, Tonto and Coronado National Forests in Arizona and the Carson, Santa Fe and Cibola National Forests in New Mexico.

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests

Alpine Ranger District​

  • Alpine Divide Campground
  • Aspen Campground
  • Buffalo Crossing Campground
  • Deer Creek Campground
  • Diamond Rock Campground
  • Hannagan Campground
  • Horse Spring Campground
  • KP Cienega Campground
  • Racoon Campground

Black Mesa Ranger District

  • Aspen Campground
  • Black Canyon Rim Campground
  • Canyon Point Campground
  • Crook Group Campground
  • Rocky Point Day Use Area
  • Sinkhole Campground
  • Spillway Campground
  • Spillway Day Use Area
  • Spillway Group Campground
  • Woods Canyon Lake Campground

Springerville Ranger District​

  • Apache Trout Campground
  • Benny Creek Campground
  • Brookchar Campground
  • Cutthroat Campground
  • Grayling Campground
  • Hoyer Campground
  • Rainbow Campground
  • Winn Campground

Carson National Forest

  • Agua Piedra Campground
  • Canjilon Lakes Campgrounds
  • Columbine Campground
  • Comales Campground
  • Fawn Lakes Campground
  • Hopewell Lake Campground
  • Junebug Campground
  • Echo Amphitheater Campground
  • El Rito Campground
  • McCrystal Campground
  • Santa Barbara Campground
  • Trout Lake Campground

Coconino National Forest

Flagstaff Ranger District

  • Arizona Snowbowl Ski Area
  • Ashurst Lake Campground
  • Bonito Campground
  • Canyon Vista Campground
  • Dairy Springs Campground
  • Double Springs Campground
  • Fernow Cabin
  • Forked Pine Campground
  • Humphreys Trailhead
  • Kachina Trailhead
  • Kendrick Cabin
  • Lakeview Campground
  • Little Elden Springs Horse Camp
  • Lockett Meadow Campground
  • Lockett Meadow Trailhead

Mogollon Ranger District

  • Blue Ridge Campground
  • Clints Well Campground
  • Kehl Springs Campground

Red Rock Ranger District

  • Banjo Bill Day-Use
  • Beaver Creek Day-Use
  • Bell Rock Vista
  • Bootlegger Day-Use
  • Cathedral Rock
  • Cave Springs Campground
  • Courthouse Vista
  • Crescent Moon Day-Use
  • Dry Creek Vista
  • Encinoso Day-Use
  • Grasshopper Day-Use
  • Halfway Day-Use
  • Honanki
  • Long Canyon
  • Manzanita Campground
  • Pine Flat Campground
  • West Fork Oak Creek Day Use

West Clear Creek

  • Clear Creek Campground


  • Mescal
  • Pinegrove Campground

Coronado National Forest

Douglas Ranger Distict

  • Herb Martyr
  • Rustler Park

Nogales Ranger District

  • Bog Spring Campground

Safford Ranger District

  • Arcadia
  • Clark Peak Corrals Campground
  • Noon Creek
  • Riggs Flat
  • Round the Mountain Campground
  • Shannon Campground
  • Soldier Creek Campground
  • Sycamore

Santa Catalina Ranger District

  • General Hitchcock
  • Peppersauce
  • Rose Canyon
  • Spencer Canyon

Sierra Vista Ranger District

  • Lakeview Campground
  • Ramsey Vista
  • Reef Townsite
  • Rock Bluff Group Site

Gila National Forest Openings

Black Range Ranger District

  • Emory Pass Vista
  • Kingston Campground
  • Wolf Hollow Campground

Glenwood Ranger District

  • Whitewater Picnic Area

Quemado Ranger District

  • Juniper Campground

Reserve Ranger District

  • Apache Creek Campground
  • Aeroplane Mesa Campground
  • Dipping Vat Campground
  • Snow Lake

Silver City Ranger District

  • Cherry Creek Campground
  • Iron Creek Campground
  • McMillan Campground
  • Mogollon Box Day-Use Area
  • Railroad Canyon
  • Upper Galinas

Wilderness Ranger District

  • Forks Campground
  • Lower Scorpion Campground
  • Upper Scorpion Campground

Kaibab National Forest

  • No Active Closures

Prescott National Forest

Verde Ranger District

  • Summit Picnic Area
  • Sycamore Cabin

Santa Fe National Forest

Jemez Ranger District

  • Battleship Rock Picnic Site

Tonto National Forest

Cave Creek Ranger District

  • Box Bar
  • CCC Campground
  • Needle Rock
  • Rattlesnake Cove
  • SB Cove
  • Sears Kay Trail, Trailhead, and Parking Area
  • Yellow Cliffs

Globe Ranger District

  • Pioneer Pass Campgrounds
  • Icehouse CCC Day Use
  • Sulfide Del Rey Campground
  • Pinal and Upper Pinal Campgrounds
  • Jones Water Campground
  • Oak Flat Campground
  • Picket Post Trailhead

Mesa Ranger District

  • Acacia
  • Blue Point
  • Boulder
  • Butcher Jones
  • Coons Bluff
  • Goldfield
  • Granite Reef
  • Laguna
  • Palo Verde
  • Pebble Beach
  • Phon D. Sutton
  • Pobrecito
  • Saguaro Del Norte
  • Sheeps Crossing
  • Water Users

Payson Ranger District

  • Houston Mesa Campground and Equestrian Sites
  • Lower Tonto Creek Campground
  • Sharp Creek Campground and Group Sites
  • Upper Tonto Creek Campground
  • First, Second, Third Crossings and Water Wheel
  • Christopher Creek Campground and Group Site
  • Pleasant Valley Ranger District
  • Haigler Canyon Campground and Day Use
  • Colcord Ridge Dispersed Camping Area
  • Airplane Flat Dispersed Camping Area
  • Tonto Basin Ranger District
  • Burnt Corral Campground
  • Cholla Campground
  • Diversion Dam
  • Ead’s Wash
  • Eucalyptus 1,2,3
  • Frazier Horse Camp
  • H-Z Wash
  • Indian Point Campground,
  • Rafter Take Out
  • Roosevelt Dam Overlook
  • Schoolhouse Campground
  • Three Mile Wash Shoreline Area
  • Upper Burnt Corral Shoreline Area
  • Windy Hill Campground except FR 82 to Bobcat boat ramp, Bobcat boat ramp, and associated parking