Centralized Temporary Hiring Outreach

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We are hiring for our 2020 season for positions that start at the GS-02 level and go through the GS-09 level. This is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and work with us!

The Centralized Temporary Hiring Outreach for Region 3 for the 2020 season has begun! Please see our outreach listing for more information.

Positions are listed on USAJobs for the duration of the application period.

Apply Today

You may apply to these jobs through USAJobs. Jobs are listed for the duration of their application period. Search by position, location (city and / or state) or job titles.  

Forest Service Employees at Work in the Regional Office

Key Contacts

  • Centralized Temporary Hiring 
    Shawn Tillman
    Hiring and Recruitment
    Office: 505-842-3497