Healthy Forest

Ecological restoration is an intentional activity that promotes ecosystem recovery with respect to its health, integrity, and sustainability.   Restoration activities are designed to move an area from its current state towards the desired conditions.  While we often talk about restoration at a landscape scale, the scale of any project is determined by the needs of that specific project. 

Restoration projects range from large forest vegetation projects like the Southwest Jemez, Four Forest Restoration Initiative, and Zuni Mountain projects to smaller projects targeted to a specific need, such as replacing a culvert in a road to allow small aquatic animals to pass, controlling noxious weeds, and decommissioning roads that are not needed.

While much of the work we do is on the National Forests, we also are involved in restoration activities with our partners.  We coordinate with other land owners (state, tribal, federal, private) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our projects by ensuring that restoration activities occurring on various landownerships complement each other. 

Extending our restoration efforts to “all lands” creates new opportunities and significant coordination challenges as we work with new partners.  Fortunately we have some experience in working across land ownership boundaries through our state and private forestry programs.