Original Forest Reserves

The General Land Law Revision Act of 1891, commonly called the Creative Act of 1891, provided for the setting aside of forest reserves. The forest reserves, and later the national forests, were proclaimed as soon as they had been surveyed, and the President has become convinced that such action was in the public good. Twenty-five forest reserves and four national forests were proclaimed in the Southwest Territory from 1892 to 1907.

Forest Reserves
Name State Date

Present National Forest

Pecos River NM 1/11/1892 Santa Fe
Grand Canyon AZ 2/20/1893 Kaibab & Coconino
Prescott AZ 5/10/1898 Prescott
San Francisco Mountains AZ 8/17/1989 Coconino
Black Mesa AZ 8/17/1898 Coconino and Sitgreaves
Gila River NM 3/2/1899 Gila
Santa Rita AZ 4/11/1902 Coronado
Santa Catalina AZ 7/2/1902 Coronado
Mount Graham AZ 7/22/1902 Coronado
Lincoln NM 7/26/1902 Lincoln
Chiricahua AZ 7/30/1902 Coronado
Pinal Mountains AZ 3/20/1905 Tonto
Portales (rev. 1907) NM 10/3/1905 No longer National Forest
Jemez NM 10/12/1905 Santa Fe
Mount Taylor NM 10/5/1906 Cibola
Gallinas NM 11/5/1906 Cibola
Magdalena NM 11/5/1906 Cibola
Peloncillo NM 11/5/1906 Most no longer National Forest
San Mateo NM 11/5/1906 Cibola
Baboquivari AZ 11/5/1906 No longer National Forest
Huachuca AZ 11/6/1906 Coronado
Manzano NM 11/6/1906 Cibola
Taos NM 11/7/1906 Carson
Tumacacori AZ 11/7/1906 Coronado
Big Burros NM 2/6/1907 Gila


National Forest
Name State Date

Present National Forest

Guadalupe NM 4/19/1907 Lincoln
Sacramento NM 4/24/1907 Lincoln
Dragoon AZ 5/25/1907 Coronado
Verde AZ 12/30/1907 Tonto, Coconino, and Prescott

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From: Timeless Heritage: A History of the Forest Service in the Southwest, 1998. pg  25.