Map Ordering Information

Thank you for your interest in the National Forests and Grasslands of the Southwestern Region. The information supplied is general but should help you determine maps you need for the National Forests and Wilderness areas you wish to visit.

We only sell maps for the National Forests and Grasslands of the Southwestern Region. We do not sell maps for hunting units, national parks, state parks or other organizations.

Forest Visitor Maps

Cost: $14.00 per copy, we pay shipping costs. The visitor maps are in color and show some Forest Service system roads and trails. The scale is ½”-1 mile. These maps are planimetric and show some spot elevations. They are not available in topographic form. Use the order form (PDF) to place your order.

Topographic and Planimetric Maps

(7-½ Minute) Both topographic maps (maps with contours) and planimetric maps (maps without contours) are available at a scale of 2.64 inches = 1 mile. Each map covers an area approximately 6-½ x 8-½ miles. Therefore it takes many maps at this scale to cover an entire national forest. For example the Santa Fe National Forest has a total of 91 of these maps to cover its entire land area.

These maps are full color paper prints and cost $8 per copy for topographic maps and $4 per copy for planimetric. The Quad Indices document below contains all the Quad maps that we have available for purchase.

Ordering Maps

Advance payment is required in full. No refunds of check or money order payments, but credit will be given. The government pays postage (unless stated otherwise in the map descriptions above); no stamps are necessary.

Please send check or money order, payable to “USDA Forest Service”, along with the order form (pdf) to:

USDA Forest Service
Visitor Information Center
333 Broadway SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Orders with most major credit cards can be made by phone:

(TTY 505-842-3198)
FAX: 505-842-3258


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