Funded Projects

A list of current and past Collaborative Forest Restoration Program funded projects (2001-2017).

2017 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Planning for McGaffey Forest and Rio Grande Del Rancho Restoration in Taos County in the Sangre De Christo Mountains 360,000
Claunch Pinto SWCD Long Term, Landscape-Scale Restoration on Chupadera Mesa 354,000
Mount Taylor Millworks CNF Utilization Processing Equipment, Mount Taylor Manufacturing 360,000
Custom Crates & Pallets, LTD Increasing Utilization of Small Diameter Wood on the Lincoln National Forest 360,000
Andy Chacon Forest Restoration Company Agua Caballos Forest Health Restoration Project 360,000
Wood Sharks LLC Cerro de la Olla, Collaborative Forest Restoration Partnership in the Rio Grande del Norte Monument 219,000
BRL Logging Implementing Continued Forest Restoration in the Zuni Mountain CFLR 360,000
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Refining Pinyon-Juniper Restoration Treatments to Enhance Watershed Conditions in the Cedro Landscape Restoration Area 360,000
Pueblo of Santa Ana Implementing Compost Creation and Sale Into Fuels Treatment and Restoration of the Santa Ana Bosque 331,746
Grant SWCD Building Collaborative Capacity for Forest Restoration on the Gila National Forest 315,119

2016 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Padilla Logging Restoration LLC Infrastructure of Utilization for Forest Rehabilitation 360,000
Restoration Solutions, LLC Improving the Utilization of Small Diameter Trees with Transportation Capacity in Central New Mexico 360,000
Silver Dollar Racing Restoring Ecosystem Health and Fire Resiliency in Mesic Mixed Conifer and Spruce 360,000
Forest Stewards Guild Implementation at Cerro del Aire: Preparing the multi-jurisdictional landscape for fire.  360,000
WildEarth Guardians Southwest Jemez Mountains CFLRP Watershed Restoration Implementation 359,994
Gurule & Son Restoration and Educational Opportunities in the Agua Caballos 360,000
Claunch-Pinto SWC&D Planning for Watershed & Restoration in the Capilla Peak Area of Manzano Mountains 181,021
Claunch-Pinto SWC&D Restoration Planning for Wildfire & Source Water Proterction for the Village of Corona Gallinas Mountains 343,515
Rachel Wood Consulting Adding Value to New Mexico Wood through Branding and Chain-of-Custody  235,000
Adelante RC&D  Capulin/Walker Flats NEPA Planning Project 360,000
Cimarron Watershed Alliance Collaborative Restoration of Frequent Fire Ecosystems in the Ponil Creek Watershed 245,627

2015 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Forest Fitness Implementation: Multi-Jurisdictional, Landscape-Scale Restoration in the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument, Taos County, New Mexico- Revision 360,000
Alamo Navajo School Board Inc. Implementation: Building Economic Efficiency through Workforce Development 360,000
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps El Medio Forest Renewal through Thinning (Revision) 360,000
South Central Mountain RC&D Interagency Cooperative Prescribed Fire Implementation 352,500
Ohkay Owingeh Riparian Restoration at Three Pueblos- An Intertribal Collaboration (PARTIAL FUNDING) 329,898
Rocky Mountain Ecology LLC Multi-jurisdictional, Fire /Restoration Planning and Natural Resource Training in the 28,045-Acre White Peak Area, New Mexico 286,602
Sustainable Ecosystems LLC Forest Restoration Planning in American Park 360,000
BRL Services Inc. Increasing Utilization Efficiency in the Zuni Mountain CFLRP 360,000
Roger Tucker Inc. Utilization: Expanding Capacity and Utilization of Small Diameter Trees - Revision 360,000

2014 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Racher Resource Management LLC Wildfire and Water Source Protection in New Mexico  239,968
City of Alamogordo Westside Sacramento Mountains Watershed Restoration and Fuels Reduction Plan 356,504
Old Wood LLC Utilization Application: Old Wood LLC High Volume Production in Flooring from Small Diameter Timber 360,000
Ellinger Logging  Utilization: Adding Small Diameter Processing Capability to the Existing Ellinger Logging Sawmill 360,000
Forest Guild  Villages of Dixon, Chamisal, Picuris Pueblo, Ojo Sarco, and Trampas, and Taos and Rio Arriba Counties, New Mexico 357,308
HR Vigil Small Products Implementation: Vigil Small Products Sustainability and Expanded Forest Restoration at Black Lake 360,000
American Wildfire Suppression Svcs Inc White Oaks Forest Restoration and Fuelwood CFRP Implementation Project 357,210
Romero's Firewood LLC Building Local Forest Industry Capacity in Central New Mexico through Restoration and Education in the Manzano Mountains 358,995
Edgewood SWCD Restoring Forest and Watershed Health and Functioning within a Multijurisdictional ponderosa pine/pinyon juniper landscape, Manzano Mountains, New Mexico 360,000

2013 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
 Forest Fitness LLC Multi-Jursidicitional, Fire Focused Planning within the Luera-Pelona Landscape, Southwest New Mexico 359,614
GIV Planning Collaborative Restoration of the Rio Tusas-Lower San Antonio Landscape 360,000
Silver Dollar Racing & Shavings Utilizing Small Diameter Trees to Strengthen Forest Restoration Projects  360,000
Mt. Taylor Machine, LLC Cibola National Forest Small Wood Utilization 360,000
Arid Land Innovation, LLC Sharing Trees with Soil - Value-Added Restoration Products Fueled by Landscape Restoration in David Canyon 360,000
Santa Clara Pueblo Collaborative Post Fire Restoration in Santa Clara Canyon 360,000
Arizona Board of Regents, University of Arizona Strategic Implementation in a Large Ponderosa Pine/Pinon-Juniper Landscape 359,494
South Central Mountains Resource Conservation and Development Council Ruidoso WUI Interagency Fuel Reduction and Prescribed Fire Implementation Project 348,802
Eastern New Mexico University- Ruidoso Implementation of Forest Treatments in Mexican Spotted Owl Habitat: Improving Forest Health While Recovering a Species 359,999

2012 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
New Mexico Forest Industry Association  Building Capacity & Diverse Partnerships Across Multiple Landscapes Through Improved Project Preparation  360,000
Forest Fitness, LLC Multi-Agency, Restoration Planning Near the Community of La Madera, Sandia Mountains, NM 250,853
Roger Tucker, Inc. Improved Utilization of Small Diameter Trees in Central New Mexico 2012 120,000
TC Company Crossing Boundaries with Small Tree Utilization in the Jemez Mountains 360,000
Southwest Wood Products & Thinning Gallinas Watershed Implementation Project (Calf Canyon WUI) 360,000
Gila Wood Products, LLC Gila Wood Products & Kellar Logging Collaborative Restoration Thinning and Market Fulfillment Partnership  359,881
Alfonso Chacon Jr. Healthy Forests Healthy Communities in Vallecitos 360,000
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Implementation of Forest Restoration within Maquinitas Analysis Area 359,468
Forest Guild Ecosystem Process Restoration through Prescribed Fire Capacity Building in Black Lake 137,469
La Alba LLC Implementation: Mesa Juan Domingo Pinion/ Juniper Forest Restoration and Fuel Reduction in the Canijilon WUI 147,329
Kuykendall & Sons Sawmill Implementation: Maquinita Ecosystem Health Project 360,000

2011 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Old Wood LLC Advanced Manufacturing of Flooring from Small Diameter Timber 360,000
Roger Tucker, Inc Improved Utilization of Small Diameter Trees in Central New Mexico     189,490 (partial funding)
The Forest Guild Rio Trampas Watershed Multi-Jurisdictional Forest Restoration Planning 360,000
Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc. Multi-Jurisdictional Collaborative Landscape Analysis 353,076
San Antonio de las Huertas Land Grant The San Antonio de las Huertas Land Grant Planning to Reduce Wildfire Risk 119,994
National Wild Turkey Federation Puerco Landscape Planning Project 334,875
HR Vigil Small Products Black Lake Forest Restoration, Capacity Building, and Small Wood Business Sustainability 360,000
Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc. Building Economic Opportunity through Workforce Diversification 360,000
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Implimentation of Restoration Activites in Questa/Lama WUI 360,000
Talking Talons Youth Leadership Implementation: Talking Talons Wildlife Habitat Improvement and Landscape Scale Forest Restoration Education Project 360,000

2010 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Chimayo Conservation Corps. Chimayo Conservation Corps Training Local Young Adults in Three Forest Types 360,000
HR Vigil Small Products Forest Restoration and Capacity Building in Black Lake, New Mexico 182,815
Jaramillo & Sons Forest Products Quality Environment and Economic Sustainability Project 177,182
Andy Chacon Forest Restoration Company Forest Business Establishment and Restoration in the El Ritito Area 360,000
Mt. Taylor Machine, LLC Increased Forest Restoration and Utilization in the Cibola 360,000
South Central Mountain Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc. Restoration Strategy and Payment for Ecosystem Services in the Rio Ruidoso Watershed 176,305
The Nature Conservancy Collaborative Landscape NEPA Analysis for Forest Restoration in the Upper Mimbres Watershed 161,119
Kellar Logging, Inc. Sheep Basin Revisited: Demonstrating the Benefits of Government Investment in Infrastructure 360,000
The Nature Conservancy Developing Reference Conditions for Jemez Mixed Conifer Forests and Habitat for the Jemez Mountains Salamander 274,382
Griegos Logging LLC Las Vegas (Gallinas) Municipal Watershed WUI Fuels Reduction Project 360,000
Santa Fe County Fire Department Engaging Communities in Wildfire Prevention 342,514
Southwest Wood Products & Thinning Walker Flats Watershed Improvement Project - Final Phase 360,000
Aspen Forest Products Borrego Mesa Restoration Project and Documentary Video 360,000
Arizona Board of Regents, Univeristy of Arizona Rowe Mesa Landscape-Scale Assessment Planning for Fire-Focused Forest Restoration 235,720

2009 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Forest Guild Capacity Building, Restoration and Wood Utilization in the Bluewater Watershed 359,939
Claunch Pinto Soil and Water Conservation District Ojo Peak Post-wildfire Remediation and Monitoring Project 213,268
La Merced del Manzano c/o Claunch Pinto Soil and Water Conservation District Red Canyon Forest Restoration Project 354,918
Merced del Pueblo de Chilili Merced del Pueblo de Chilili Wildfire Fuels Reduction Collaborative Forest Restoration Project 360,000
Pueblo of Isleta Multi-Jursidictional Collaborative Landscape Analysis  212,855
Urban Interface Solutions La Jara Taos Pines Ranch FIREWISE Community Forest health Restoration/Education/Monitoring CFRP 360,000
Gila WoodNet Forest Restoration Thinning on the Signal Peak North Project 360,000
K&B Timberworks, Inc. K&B Expansion Project at Reserve Sawmill 360,000
Northridge Forest Products Restoration Through Utilization and Educational Outreach Video 360,000
WildEarth Guardians Santa Fe Canyon Riparian Forest Restoration NEPA Clearance 119,992
Upper Pecos Watershed Association Fire Protection Planning and NEPA Compliance in the Upper Pecos Watershed 157,558
Santo Domingo Tribe People, a Plan and P-J: Adaptive Landscape Management in the Fire, Insect and Disease-Prone Piñon'Juniper Woodlands of Santo Domingo Pueblo 360,000
NorthEastern Contractors Limited Liability Company Barbero Grazing Allotment Collaboration and Restoration Project 360,000
Pueblo of Santa Ana Bosque Community Planting Using Small Diameter Woody Biomass at the Pueblo of Santa Ana 360,000

2008 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
New Mexico Forest Industry Association Improving New Mexican Contractors In-State Competiteveness by Reducing Administrative Barriers 358,027
Rocky Mountain Youth Corp Youth Restoring the Forest: RMYC's La Jara Canyon CFRP Proposal 360,000
Chacon & Sons Ensenada Forest Health Restoration Project II 360,000
Dine Agriculture Inc.  Shiprock Hazardous Fuel Reduction and Restoration  358,904
Ramah Band of Navajos-Natural Resources Ramah Navajo Forest Management and Forestry Energy Development Program  360,000
Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc Alamo Community Capacity Building through Collaborative Forest Restoration  360,000
Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District  Post-Fire Restoration in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque: A Landscape Approach towards Revitalization of an Ecosystem 360,000
The Four Corners Institue  Ojo Peak Crown Fire Restoration Planning Project: Developing a Plan for Restoring Post-Crown Fire Watershed Integrity 87,095
Mexicano Land Education & Conservation Trust New Mexico Community Land Grant Planning & Preparation for community Forest Restoration Pilot Project 120,000
Gila National Forest Permittees Association Eastern Gila Forest and Community Restoration Project 360,000
Gila Tree Thinners Burro Mountain Homestead Restoration Project 360,000
RC Forest Products SDT Firewood Production Through the Purchase of a Firewood Processor 119,845
Santa Clara Woodworks Acquiring & Processing Pinyon Pine into Value-Added Products 152,600

2007 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Pueblo of Santa Ana Reducing Oneseed Juniper in Preparation for Prescribed Fire on the  356,274
Tree New Mexico  Bosque Riparian Nursery Restoration Project 327,875
Michael Deubel dba Alternative Forestry Unlimited  A complement to the Previous Pinos Altos Wildf 360,000
Ruidoso Municipal Schools District Ruidoso Schools Natural Resources Outdoor Learning Center 345,407
Forest Guild Santa Cruz and Embudo Creek Watershed Multijurisdictional Restoration and Protection Project 336,302
Kuykendall and Sons Sawmill Tres Piedras Wildland Urban Interface Restoration and Utilization Project 360,000
Pueblo of Picuris New Forest Enterprise at Picuris Pueblo; forest thinning, ecological monitoring, soil restoration, and student education 359,995
Barela Timber Management Company, Inc Application of an Economically Viable and Sustainable Forest Management Prescription that will Restore Forests to a Natural "Fire-Regime-Ready", Ecologically Balanced Condition 359,870
Old Wood, LLC Capacity Building in Flooring from Small Diameter Timber 360,000
Pueblo of Santa Clara Beaver Habitat Restoration in the Jemez Mountains 171,455
Santa Fe Watershed Association Santa Fe Municipal Watershed Restoration Project: Demonstrating Community Collaboration in Long Term Watershed & Financial Management 63,774
Santo Domingo Tribe Forest to Farm: Composting Forest Residuals to Support Community Agriculture 349,048
Southwest Wood Products and Thinning Ocate Community Protection, Restoration and Collaborative Management Project 360,000

2006 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Velasquez Logging Mesa Poleo Wildland Urban Interface Project 360,000
La Jicarita Enterprise Upper Mora Watershed Restoration, Phase II 360,000
Pueblo of Santa Clara Wood Biomass Heating Design and Implementation of Santa Clara Pueblo South Housing 359,656
Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan Pueblo) Birds in the Bosque - Restoration Effects on Avian Habitat 359,966
Forest Guardians Road Closure, Decommissioning and Fuel Breaks for Forest Restoration and Community Fire Protection on the Santa Fe National Forest, Coyote Ranger District 360,000
Arizona Board of Regents, University of Arizona Little Tesuque-Black Canyon Watershed Restoration Project 321,132
Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Largo Canyon Fuels Reduction and Forest Restoration 360,000
Colfax County Sugarite Canyon Watershed Forest Restoration Program 101,253
Silver Dollar Racing & Shavings Doctor Forest's Transporting and Adding Value to SDTs 360,000
Las Communidades Collaborative Forest Restoration of the Vallecitos Federal Sustained Yield Unit 360,000
Trout Unlimited Gila Restoration Project: Restoring Forests Watersheds and Native Fish 360,000
Lower Frisco Wood Products Improving the Efficiency and Stability of the Sawmill in Catron County. 120,000
Upper Gila Watershed Alliance Signal Peak Assessment Plan 360,000
JL Enterprises Increase Self-Sufficiency by Promotion, Marketing and Transportation of Packaged Firewood to High-End Urban Markets. 17,993

2005 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
The Forest Guild Bluewater Wildland Urban Interface, Pinon Juniperand Meadow Restoration Project 359,565
P&M Plastics Innovative Use of Small Diameter Material from the Thunderbird Forest Restoration Project Area of the Cibola National Forest 360,000
Ramah Navajo Community Forest Restoration Native Plant Nursery Project 358,922
Santa Ana Rio Grande Restoration Project Santa Ana Rio Grande Restoration Project 359,996
Gila Tree Thinners Little Walnut Picnic Area WUI Restoration Project 359,009
Lower Frisco Wood Products Handing over the Small Diameter Mill Operation to Community Members of Catron County 120,000
Pueblo of San Juan Inter-Tribal Bosque Restoration Along The Rio Grande 359,957
New Mexico Recycling Coalition Outreach and Education to Enhance the Utilization of Compost and Mulch from Forest Residuals 187,863
Jemez Mountain Schools Hazardous Fuel Reduction Through Wood Chip Utilization at Jemez Mountain School District 360,000
Alfonso Chacon & Sons Ensenada Forest Health Restoration Project 360,000
Town of Red River Pioneer Canyon Watershed Preservation Project 225,000
Pueblo of Taos Forest Waterched Restoration and Preventative Fuels Treatments on Taos Tribal Lands 360,000
Sherry Barrow Strategies Cedar Creek Break Restoration Project 360,000

2004 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Taos Canyon Neighborhod Association Forest Restoration Project for Taos Canyon - North Shady Brook 350,208
Healthy Forest Happy Potters Pot Creek WUI Reduction 175,000
Santo Domingo Pueblo Fuels Treatment Planning Project on Santo Domingo Tribal Lands 120,000
Zuni Forest Products & Services Enterprises Zuni Healthy Forest & Watershed Initiative 358,734
Gila Woodnet Grant County Jobs and Biodiversity Coalition Chip Production 360,000
The Forestry Association, Inc. Creating Value and Jobs out of Small Diameter Roundwood for Catron County 120,000
Kellar Logging Sheep Basin Pilot Collaborative Forest 360,000
Sierra S&WCD Watershed Research and Demonstration Project 284,360
Tierra y Montes S&WCD Gallinas River Watershed Restoration 349,269
The Conservation Fund Ponderosa Pine Forest Restoration and Wildlife Monitoring 360,000
Santa Fe County Collaborative Forest Restoration Project 360,000
Earth Works Institute Developing Small Diameter Utilization & Stewardship Capacity in Navajo Communities 184,538
Pueblo of Jemez Forest Health Management and Small Diameter Tree Utilization in Northern NM 358,663
South Central Mtn RC&D Turkey Springs Canyon Fuels Reduction and Forest Restoration Project 360,000

2003 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Ramah Band of Navajos Restoring our Sacred Forests 358,557
Larry's Buildings and Sales De La Sierra Lumber Recovery 359,639
Village of Questa Forest Thinning for Fire Prevention and Education for Youth 273,000
Valencia S&WCD Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District Bosque Restoration 360,000
Pueblo of Tesuque Restoration of Historic Fire Regimes through Removal of Exotics and Enhancment of Bosque on the Pueblo of Tesuque 360,000
El Greco (La Montana de Truchas) Non-Traditional Uses for Forest Products for Traditional Communities 356,563
The Corona Group Red Cloud Canyon Utilization and Reforestation Project 360,000
Sustainable Communities, Inc. Small Diameter Timber to Value Added Products and Forest Restoration 214,175
The Nature Conservancy Valles Caldera / Jemez Fire Restoration 358,696
Ecological Restoration Institute Monitoring, Training, and Technical Assistance for Multi-Party Monitoring 315,398
Santa Clara Santa Claral Woodworks Small Log 357,400
Pueblo of Pojoaque Riparian Forest Restoration in the Pueblo of Pojoaque 360,000
San Ildefonso Pueblo Rio Grande Floodplain Rehabilitation Project 360,000
San Francisco River Association Glenwood Ranger District / San Francisco River Association Collaborative Riparian Restoration Project 118,739

2002 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
Alternative Forestry Unlimited The Pinos Altos Project Wildfire Risk Reduction and Smallwood Utilization Project 360,000
Pueblo of Sandia Wildfire Burn Restoration Project 84,250
Pueblo of San Juan Riparian Forest Restoration in San Juan Pueblo and Espanola 359,979
La Lama Neighborhood Association A Forest Restoration Stewardship within a Diverse and Vigorous Ecosystem 270,992
American Forest Products Forest Restoration, Community Development and Sustainable Economy 309,712
South Central Mountain RC&D Moon Mountain Fuels Reduction and Forest Restoration Project 358,699
Santa Clara Pueblo Santa Clara Pueblo-Valle Caldera Reforestation Initiative 344,652
New Mexico Highlands University New Mexico Highlands University Forest Management Program 241,200
Tree New Mexico Albuquerque Bosque Restoration & Learning Site 360,000
Taos Business Alliance Taos Canyon Forest Restoration Project 330,925
Sierra S&WCD Rio Grande Corridor Bosque Hazardous Fuels Reduction & Riparian Restoratoin Project 310,000
P&M Plastics Watershed Improvement, Job Creation, and Utilization of Wildfire Thinnings 360,000
Santa Ana Pueblo Reducing Oneseed Juniper Density in Preparation for Prescribed Fire 360,000
Indigenous Community Enterprises Developing Small Diameter Utilization and Stewardship Capacity in Navajo Counties 175,061
Forest Trust Collaborative Forest Restoration and Community Development in Tres Piedras 349,530

2001 Projects

Lead Organization Project Title Grant Award
La Jicarita Enterprise Com. Natural Resource Development Center Collaborative Forest Restoration Project 333,988
Otero Soil & Water Conservation District Sacramento River Watershed Forest Restoration Project 118,800
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, UA Monument Canyon Retoration Project 341,375
El Greco (La Montana de Truchas) Healthy Forest, Healthy Communities 118,800
Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council, Inc. Eight Northern Indian Pueblo Council Forest Restoration Program 118,800
Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District Middle Rio Grande Bosque Fuels Reduction Program 356,400
Village of Ruidoso Eagle Creek Fuels Reduction Project 335,852
Pueblo of Zuni Zuni-Cibola Forest Restoration Initiative 355,844
New Mexico Highlands University New Mexico Highlands Univeristy Forest Management Program 118,800
Four Corners Institute A Forest Restoration Collaboration on the Valle Grande Grass Bank 255,875
Pueblo of Jemez Community Based Forest Restoration and Wood Product Development 344,271
American Metal Works Wood Biomass Energy Installation Feasibility Study 66,361
Catron County Citizens Group Healthy Community/Healthy Forest Building the Proper Links 356,400
Ruidoso Wildland Urban Interface Forest Restoration and Catastrophic Fire Reduction Demonstration Project 5,940
Sherry Barrow Strategies Ruidoso Interface Project 74,250
Acoma Realty and Natural Resources Office Pueblo of Acoma Forest Enhancement and Pinyon-Juniper Thinning and Utilization 356,400
Las Humanas Las Humanas Forest and Watershed Rehabilitation Fire Reduction Project 2001 356,400
Rocky Mountain Youth Corp Forest Restoration and Economic Sustainability 333,367
Gila WoodNet The Mill Project - Forest Restoration/ Economic Development Partnership 356,400

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Cibola National Forest
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Gila National Forest
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