Security and protection of the public’s interests in National Forest System (NFS) land is essential to the land stewardship and public trust responsibilities of the Forest Service. To obtain these goals we will:

  • Capture opportunities to consolidate landownership patterns, through exchange, acquisition, and conveyance of lands to meet the objectives of forest land and resource management plans and to improve land management efficiencies.
  • Meet the needs of adjacent landowners and the public for energy, utility services, access, communications, transportation, and national security.
  • Secure and protect the rights, title, land, and resources of NFS land from unauthorized use and occupancy by providing legally defensible boundaries and accurate, complete landownership records.
  • Assure the public receives a fair return for use or conveyance of public assets and for acquisition of private property.

Our Goal

More than 192 million acres of land are managed as national forests and grasslands. The Intermountain Region is comprised of 18 national forests (managed as 13), and one national grassland, with the largest land base of any Forest Service region at just over 34 million acres. The protection of these lands and resources is one of our fundamental responsibilities.

Through direct land management practices, the Lands program enables the Region to better manage Federal lands within or adjacent to NFS boundaries and deliver the necessary products and services that are essential for enhancing natural resource stewardship and providing for the public's enjoyment, future use, and access to NFS land.

Our Activities

The Lands program is carried out through four major activities. Click on the links below to learn more.