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R4 Aquatic Invasives Species Spatial Data (2013)

R4 Aquatic Invasive Species Spatial Data 2013’ is a downloadable personal geodatabase in ArcMap 9.3.


These spatial data were compiled from state, federal, and academic sources. Data sources are given for each feature class in metadata displayed under ‘Description’ in ArcCatalog. For the most part, data from specific sources are stored in separate feature classes, which are aggregated into feature datasets by species. For example, the feature dataset ‘Didymo’ has 5 feature classes, encompassing Didymo data from 3 states, 1 federal agency, and a university.

This geodatabase has been updated for 2013. Some feature classes have been replaced with newer data, while other layers had few changes and the previous versions were retained. The year the version was compiled occurs in the name of each feature class.

US Forest Service Users:  These spatial data are also available as nine layer files for use on Citrix.  These layer files can be found at:  T:\FS\Reference\GIS\r04\LayerFile\R04

Example of the files found on the T:/drive

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Photo of a man holding two trout, one with whirling disease and one without. Whirling disease infected brown trout (left) and healthy trout (right).
[Credit: The Oregonian]