Aquatic Invasive Species

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Welcome to the Intermountain Region's Aquatic Invasive Species web site, a portal to information and related management and research activities across the Region.

The goal of the US Forest Service invasive species program is to reduce, minimize, or eliminate the potential for introduction, establishment, spread, and impact of invasive species across all landscapes and ownership.

list item2017 Fire Operations Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species - This update gives recommendations to minimize the spread of aquatic invasive species during fire management activities in the Intermountain Region.

list item2013 Distribution of Aquatic Invasive Species in the Intermountain Region - A geo database of current distribution data for several species. Downloadable for making fine-scale maps in your area. 2016 UPDATE COMING SOON!

list itemUseful Aquatic Invasive Species Literature


list itemOther Decontamination Protocols - Waders/Vehicles/Watercraft


Photo of a lady with quagga on her sunglasses. Quagga mussel sunglasses at Lake Mead, 2009.
[Credit: Clean Lakes INC.]