Noxious Weeds - Federal Agencies

APHIS Noxious Weed Program (USDA)
APHIS programs for weed management and identification.

Agricultural Research Service (USDA)
Accesses agricultural research areas including weed management.

Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds.

Fish and Wildlife Service Invasive Species
Noxious Weeds, and Exotic and Invasive Plant Management Resources.

Kootenai National Forest Weed Handbook
Identification, characteristics, and pictures of Region 1 Noxious Weeds.

The National Agricultural Library's site for the National Invasive Species Information Center

TEAM Leafy Spurge (USDA)
Northern Plains Agriculture Research Library

Utah Bureay of Land Management Noxious Weeds (USDI)