What We Do - Special Use Authorizations and Administration

Lands - What We Do

Special Use Authorizations and Administration

Authorize and administer use of NFS land by individuals, companies, organized groups, other Federal agencies and State or local levels of government in a manner that protects natural resource values and public health and safety. For example:

  • Authorize uses that contribute to the Nation's infrastructure for generating and transmitting energy resources, such as:
    • electric transmission facilities
    • oil and gas pipelines
    • hydropower facilities
    • wind and solar facilities
  • Authorize uses for communications, commerce, public health and safety, and homeland security, such as:
    • fiber-optic and wireless telecommunications
    • water development systems
    • Federal, State, and local highways
  • Issue authorizations needed by landowners to exercise statutory rights and outstanding and reserved interests in NFS land.

Our Activities

The Lands program is carried out through four major activities. Click on the links below to learn more.