PacFish/InFish Biological Opinion Monitoring Program (PIBO MP)

Photo of three technicians performing some water sampling on a stream.

The goal of the PacFish/InFish Biological Opinion Monitoring Program (PIBO MP) is to monitor stream and riparian habitats within the PIBO MP study area (see map on employment page), in order to determine if the PacFish (Pacific Anadromous Fish) and InFish (Inland Fish) aquatic conservation strategies can effectively maintain or restore the structure and function of riparian and aquatic systems.


  1. Determine whether a suite of biological and physical attributes, and functions of upland, riparian, and aquatic systems are being degraded, maintained, or restored across the PIBO MP landscape.
  2. Determine the direction and rate of change in riparian and aquatic habitats over time as a function of management practices.
  3. Determine if specific Designated Management Area practices related to livestock grazing are maintaining or restoring riparian vegetation structure and function.