Highline Fire Area Closure Reduced

Release Date: Sep 13, 2017   McCall, Idaho

Contact(s): Anthony Botello (208) 634-0601

The Highline Fire Area Closure Order that has been in place since September 4, is being modified to encompass fewer acres.

Weather conditions and fire behavior on the Highline and Goat fires has moderated in recent days to allow Payette forest managers to make changes to the current closure area.

The revised order opens the southeast corner of the area that had been closed as the Highline fire moved in that direction.

The changes to the Area Closure Order include opening the Big Creek Trail #196 and everything south of the trail as well adjusting the east boundary to the west to allow the Cold Meadows, Cabin Creek and Soldier Bar airstrips to reopen.

The rest of the area included in the original closure including Chamberlain airstrip remain closed for public safety and protection of hazards due to ongoing fire activity.

Please visit https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/payette/alerts-notices to see the updated Area Closure Order and Map.