Parleys and Lambs Canyon Shared Stewardship Project

A map showing project locations with fuel images on the right side Map of Parley's Canyon project.

The Shared Stewardship commitment between the State of Utah and Forest Service protects communities and watersheds (that provides our drinking water) and addresses the threat of catastrophic wildfire on National Forest Systems lands in Utah. A priority area for a shared project was identified in the canyons east of Salt Lake City, managed by the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Salt Lake Ranger District.

The Parleys & Lambs Canyon Fuel Reduction Project was strategically designed to help to reduce the fuel loading in areas along Lambs Canyon road, I-80, and around the communities in lower Lambs and Parley’s Canyons by a collaborative group comprised of the U.S. Forest Service, State of Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands, Salt Lake City Public Utilities, and Save Our Canyons.

The project is now being implemented with $1.75 million dollars of funding from partners contributions and received through Utah’s Watershed Restoration Initiative. The accomplishments will include: 500 acres where trees and branches will be cut and piled (later to be burned), 30 acres of trees will be cut and then chip debris, 800 acres of trees will be removed by a tree masticator, and 1,670 acres where smaller trees and branches will be cut and dispersed within the area.

This project is a great example of shared stewardship work in action. Through this project, a local collaborative is mitigating wildfire risk to important drinking water resources, building partnerships, and creating opportunities for public education.