Cooperative Forestry: Urban and Community Forestry

The Urban and Community Forestry Program supports the planning and management of healthy trees and forests in our communities where we live, work, and play. 

By partnering with states, cities, communities and nonprofit organizations, we can invest from the ground up in activities, information, tools, and public outreach to restore and sustain our community trees and forests.


Illustration of a tree branch with a bird nest with two chicks being fed by their mom Illustration of two trees with umbrella shaped branches and a woman sitting under reading a book Illustration of a tree with a treehouse, ladder and swing. Two children are playing on the tree Illustration of an elderly couple walking inbetween two trees that are flexing their muscles & a dog Illustration of a tree being planted by two workers, and another tree having a dead limb cut off Illustration of children playing in a pile of leaves and climbing a tree, also a tree house Illustration of two trees with tree shaped air fresheners hanging from them, & two people and a dog Illustration of 3 dogs running, one with a stick in its mouth, in the background is a human & trees


Healthy trees and forests in our cities improve our quality of life for 80 percent of Americans living in urban areas by:


  • Reducing summer peak temperatures,
  • Improving air quality,
  • Reducing storm water run-off,
  • Enhancing property values,
  • Offering wildlife habitat,
  • Supporting green jobs,
  • And strengthening social connections in neighborhoods.




Understanding Hawaii's Urban Canopy

street map with canopy overlaidThe Hawai‘i urban tree canopy viewer combines the canopy layer with other information - such as the extent of impervious surfaces, socioeconomic and health data, and urban heat severity maps, to name a few.

California’s Tree Canopy

Street map with tree canopy overlaid in greenExplore our tree canopy with an interactive viewer.



Los Angeles Urban Center (Off-site link)

LA Urban Center logoDiscover our research and information destination hub for Los Angeles communities.


Urban Forest Connections Webinar Series

Tree with green circles for leaves, blue circles for the air it's giving off. City in the background Green Cities Healthy CommunitiesListen to our monthly webinar series on emerging urban forestry research and applications.



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For additional information please contact:

Miranda Hutten
Urban & Community Forestry Program Manager,
State & Private Forestry
USDA Forest Service
1323 Club Dr.
Vallejo, CA 94592
Voice: 707-562-9025
Fax: 707-562-9054