Cooperative Forestry: Urban and Community Forestry

The Urban and Community Forestry Program partners with states, cities, communities and nonprofit organization to increase community awareness on the importance of trees in sustaining healthy and viable cities, to improve the social, natural, and economic environment of urban and community areas, and to enable the development of self-sufficient local urban and community forestry programs.

Illustration of a tree branch with a bird nest with two chicks being fed by their mom Illustration of two trees with umbrella shaped branches and a woman sitting under reading a book Illustration of a tree with a treehouse, ladder and swing. Two children are playing on the tree Illustration of an elderly couple walking inbetween two trees that are flexing their muscles & a dog Illustration of a tree being planted by two workers, and another tree having a dead limb cut off Illustration of children playing in a pile of leaves and climbing a tree, also a tree house Illustration of two trees with tree shaped air fresheners hanging from them, & two people and a dog Illustration of 3 dogs running, one with a stick in its mouth, in the background is a human & trees

Our Shared Goals, Our Urban Forestry Network


Girl watering a newly planted tree, group of children in background sitting, watching

The US Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program nurtures the stewardship of our urban forest resources through partnerships with states, cities, communities and nonprofit organizations.

We support the planning and management of healthy trees and forests in urban areas that contribute to improved air and water quality, watershed function, energy conservation and social well-being. We also aim to increase public awareness and participation in the conservation of their community forests.



Diagram showing the different areas of Forest Service Urban ResearchYour one-stop site for Research & Development Publications online.

iTree & Other Decision Tools

Drawing of a tree with a grey city skyline and blue skyEducation and decision tools to support urban stewardship and green infrastructure planning.


LA Urban Research Center Strategic Plan (Off-site link)

Drawing of a tree with outstretched branches that make it look like a person. Learn about our Urban Western Research Field Station.

Urban Forest Connections Webinar Series

Tree with green circles for leaves, blue circles for the air it's giving off. City in the background Green Cities Healthy CommunitiesMonthly webinar series on hot urban forest topics.


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For additional information please contact:

Miranda Hutten
Urban & Community Forestry Program Manager,
State & Private Forestry
USDA Forest Service
1323 Club Dr.
Vallejo, CA 94592
Voice: 707-562-9025
Fax: 707-562-9054

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