California Smokejumpers

The Pacific Southwest Region’s Fire and Aviation Management staff is recruiting for various permanent, full-time Smokejumper vacancies and potential vacancies as part of the Fall 2017 Region 5 Centralized Fire Hire process. Click here for the recruitment notice. If you have questions regarding these positions, please contact Smokejumper Operations Manager Luis Gomez at 530-226-2886, email; or Smokejumper Base Manager Josh Mathiesen at 530-226-2888, email at

California Smokejumpers Exit Footage

Speed, Range, Payload

  • The California Smokejumpers utilize high speed, fixed wing aircraft, to deliver wildland firefighters throughout California and beyond.

Agressive Initial Attack

  • Smokejumpers provide aggressive initial attack and natural resource expertise, in an effort to preserve the American landscape for future generations.

 Logo of the California Smokejumpers

Smokejumpers are ideally suited to responding to, and catching, fires in their early stages before they become large, complex and costly incidents. However, we have a broad range of capabilities that extends beyond initial attack.



California Smokejumpers