Redding Hotshots

Photograph of Forest Service Elite firefighting training crew

Mission: to provide concentrated fireline leadership development training nationwide by:

  • Involving the crewmember in classroom training geared toward small-unit (squad) leadership and practical fieldwork in fire suppression.
  • Offering the employee a well balanced, on the ground training experience while providing a highly organized, Type 1 Interagency Hotshot Crew for wildland fire assignments.
  • Providing crewmembers opportunities to become independent module leaders through supervising a squad of 3-7 crewmembers during fire suppression, prescribed fire and other emergency incidents.
  • Developing the employee's instructional skills through intense classroom  instruction time in front of their peers.

The structure of the Redding crew enables individual crewmembers to supervise a Type 1 hotshot crew in the role appropriate to their development (e.g. Squad Leader, Crew Boss, Task Force/Strike Team Leader, or Type 4/5 Incident Commander).

This provides an opportunity to observe and evaluate various levels of performance among peers and to understand crew production. This increases self-confidence and leadership abilities, important qualities with which crewmembers return to their home units. This enhances career progression to greater responsibilities.

Redding Hotshots