North Zone Fire Cache - Ordering

Photograph of a forklift loading a pallet of supplies on to a stakeside cache truck


Cache Ordering Guidelines:

*** The cache can only enter 100,000 s-numbers for incidents. Any other assigned s-numbers must go through dispatch.  If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

  • Replacement Orders are ordered through dispatch.
  • All communications equipment should be ordered through local dispatch.
  • Do not send pre-orders to the cache when transitioning incident management teams.
  • Cache van orders should be placed directly with the cache.

To ensure that you get your items as quickly as possible:

  • Be sure your Contact Information, Job Codes (w/override) and Delivery Location are correct. 
  • Providing a cell, office and/or alternate phone number and email will help the cache contact you when your items are ready for delivery.  Calls from the cache show up as “restricted” or “unknown” on caller ID.
  • After you submit an order to the cache, call us to verify it was received.
  • Dispatch Specific: Submit the orders in IROC but do not place them to cache until you have all the requests entered.  At that point, go back to either incident screen and at the bottom, select all the requests submitted and press 'Place To Cache' button.  That will consolidate all the requests into a single order.  Non-consolidated orders may be sent back to dispatch.

 ***  For the latest order forms and information, bookmark this page ***

North Zone Fire Cache: (530) 226-2850
Orders may be Faxed to: (530) 226-2854

Type of Request Form to Use Where to Submit
Project General Order Form North Zone Fire Cache
Presuppression General Order Form North Zone Fire Cache
Incident, 100,000 series numbers not assigned*** Preferred Form for Dispatch Assigned Dispatch
Incident, 100,000 series numbers assigned*** R5 Incident to Cache Form or General Order Form North Zone Fire Cache
Incident Replacement Preferred Form for Dispatch Assigned Dispatch


2023 General Order Form (Excel)

2023 Long Order Form (Excel, Use for Incidents)



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