photograph of three smokejumpers leaning over the operations desk the California Smokejumpers emblem backlit, on a blue background


The operation foreman's primary concern is fire readiness. The operations function manages the California Smokejumpers through the following recurring actions:

  • Managing the “jump list” *
  • Ensuring logistical needs of the operation are met.
  • Integrating the needs of dispatch, fire management and the smokejumper unit.
  • Providing updated information about weather, fire situation and priority missions to the smokejumper crew.
  • Ensuring that smokejumpers are safely meeting their mission by managing work-rest and mission preparedness guidelines.

* The jump list is a tool utilized by operations to rotate jumpers through fire assignments based upon a variety of factors.  The jump list is a list of the smokejumper names attached to a magnetic board.  Jumpers are placed on this list and utilized on fire assignments in the order that they appear. When assigned, jumpers are slid off of the list and placed in the “On Fire” column.  Upon return from their fire assignment, they rotate to the bottom of the list, and their movement back up the list is dependent upon future fire activity.