North Zone Fire Cache Updates and Recalls

NFES items and updates

Front and back image of a yellow backpack pump, a back pack sized water bladder used to carry water

  • Backpack Pump, new style bladder will be replacing liner style bladder
  • Trombone pump asssembly will remain the same
  • Old style bag will be phased out

A flare gun, used as an ignition tool to ignite fuels for both suppression and prescription efforts

  • New fire flare tested by Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC) in 2015
  • NFES 0715 is no longer available

A red backpack style gear bag, used by firefighters for clothing, bedroll and tent away from home

  • New personal gear bag features include separate compartments for tent and sleeping pad
  • Available to all caches in early summer
  • The old style personal gear bag (NFES 1855) will remain available at all caches

Image of a gray headlamp, used by firefighters on or off their helmets

  • New LED headlamo available at all caches

Image of two sleeping bags side by side, a long gray one on the left a shorter green one on right

  •  New cold-weather sleeping bag available at select caches
  • Old style, NFES 0022 still available at all caches


Fuel Geysering Stihl Recall


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