Incident Procurement - New provide the public, Incident Management Personnel and Dispatch Centers with information regarding Incident Contracting within the Pacific Southwest Region.

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Vendor information for incident response

Region 5 Contract Operations

Cheryl Raines - Fire Contract Operations Specialist
760-920-1107 (c), 909-382-2689 (o)

Larry A. Lee - Incident Business Management Specialist - Admin
951-205-3819 (c), 951-320-6143 (o)

Region 5 Incident Procurement

Lydia Moore-Ward - Team lead Contract Specialist

Craig Ericson- Contract Specialist

Eric Rusch- Purchasing Agent

Ruby Knight - Purchasing Agent


Administrative Tips

Current Competitive VIPR Agreements
Solicitation/Equipment Type Contracting Officer Technical Contact Scheduled Solicitation Year
Chainsaw Repair Service Lydia Moore-Ward Cheryl Raines 2021
Chippers Linda Neely Cheryl Raines 2021
Fallers Linda Neely Cheryl Raines 2023
Fuel Tenders Craig Erikson Cheryl Raines 2023
Heavy Equipment
  • Dozers
  • Excavators
Nathan Stampke Cheryl Raines 2021
Heavy with Water Nathan Stampke Cheryl Raines 2022
Mechanics with Service Truck(s) Columbus Campbell Cheryl Raines 2023
Miscellaneous Heavy Equipment
  • Feller Bunchers
  • Masticators
  • Skidders
  • Road Graders
Lydia Moore-Ward Cheryl Raines 2021
Mobile Sleeper Units Craig Ericson Cheryl Raines 2021
Potable Water Tenders
  • Gray Water Tenders
  • Trailer Mounted Handwashing Stations
Craig Ericson Cheryl Raines 2021
Refrigerated Trailers Lydia Moore-Ward Cheryl Raines 2022
Vehicle with Drivers Lydia Moore-Ward Cheryl Raines 2023
Water Handling
  • Engines
  • Water Tenders (Support)
Linda Neely Cheryl Raines 2022
Weed Washing Units Columbus Campbell Cheryl Raines 2022

(Fiscal Years begin October 1st of the prior year, i.e. FY 2020 begins Oct 1, 2019)

Vendors must submit a quote under each new solicitation in order to potentially qualify for an award. Agreements under expiring solicitations do not “rollover” under a new solicitation.


Please do not assume each solicitation is the same as the previous. Each solicitation is independent, including specifications and terms. Read each solicitation completely, including any attachments at


The VIPR solicitation are usually issuesd several months prior to the beginning of each fire season. Please monitor website that replaced for information on VIPR solicitations. You can search by agency USDA Forest Service and "VIPR."


Current National VIPR Solicitations( Contat Phone 208-387-5665)
Solicitation/Equipment Type Scheduled New Solicitation Fiscal Year
Bus, Crew Carrier 2023
Clerical Support Unit 2022
Communications Unit 2024
GIS Unit 2024
Helicopter Operations Support Unit 2024
Mobile Laundry 2023