Pacific Southwest Region Saw Program

Sawyer cuts in backcut. Sawyer calculates undercut 80/10 Rule. Sawyer with high visibility safety Personal Protection Equipment stands on large felled tree. Two Contract Fellers Jack Cut a large tree. Sawyer kneels on large felled tree with chainsaw.

Region 5 Chainsaw and Crosscut ProgramThe PSW Saw Program defines the use of chainsaws and crosscuts during project and fire activities. The program is provided oversight by the R-5 Chainsaw and Crosscut working group.

The Working Group, which meets once a year, is made-up of Regional and Unit coordinators and C-certifiers.

National Chainsaw Technical Advisory Group Site (USFS Intranet Access Required)

FS Tree Mortality Accomplishments

National Chainsaw Field Evaluation Form (USFS Intranet Access Required)

National Chainsaw Saw Wallet Card (USFS Intranet Access Required)

Fuel Geyser Info

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Hazard Tree Removal from Campground


A large hazard tree in a campground being felled. Sounds of a chainsaw, tree cracking noise, as it drops under control to the ground.