Virtual Incident Procurement (VIPR)

VIPR is a web based Forest Service application designed to solicit, award, and manage pre-season I-BPAs (Incident Blanket Purchase Agreements). The Agreements awarded through VIPR are competitive based on best value. This website contains essential information and guidance for Vendors on the VIPR program, including: the necessary steps to become a vendor, links to the software required to open and edit the electronic VIPR solicitations, VIPR vendor user guides & a web based tutorial, links to the dispatch priority, and awarded VIPR agreements.

VIPR: Vendor Application/eAuth

  • All vendors interested in submitting an offer in VIPR in 2013 are encouraged to register in the vendor app.
  • Level II eAuthentication- Your eAuth passwords expire after 180 days, and a user must login within 49 days of expiration or the password will be expired. Rule of thumb for vendors is to log into your eAuth account at least every 3-4 months to keep it active