Insect & Disease GIS Atlas

The insect and disease atlas contains GIS coverages of recorded incidences of pest activity statewide.  The following is a list of available coverages for California:

  • Ash Whitefly consists of counties in R5 with confirmed detections of Ash Whitefly
  • Modoc Budworm (MB) consists of the outbreak area, by year, of MB in Warner Mountains, Modoc National Forest
  • Lodgepole Pine Needleminer (LPNM) consists of the general outbreak areas of the LPNM in Yosemite National Park and on bordering national forest lands (1903—1993)
  • Douglas Fir Tussock Moth  (DFTM) consists of outbreak areas of DFTM throughout the Sierra Nevada. (1937-2004)
  • Heterobasidion Root Disease consists of point locations indicating areas where annosus root disease has been reported in R5.
  • Black Stain Root Disease consists of locations of black stain root disease that have been identified in California
  • Pitch Canker consists of two levels of data, confirmed locations (region) and areas at risk > 25% mortality over the next 15 years from pitch canker (poly).
  • White Pine Blister Rust (WPBR) consists of reports and survey plots of blister rust. (1929~1966: Bureau Records,1964~present: 1949~1958: Disease Survey Plots)