Evaluation Monitoring

Region 5, which is included in the FHM West Coast Region, is successful in the Evaluation Monitoring program covering Base, Fire, Special Detection and Analysis and Reporting projects.

Projects in CA have included:

  • Ozone impacts and assessment on conifers
  • White pine blister rust on high elevation pines,
  • Distribution and impacts of invasive pests of oaks
  • Monitoring woodboring invasive beetles following wildfire
  • Assessing threats to high elevation foxtail pines

Projects in Hawaii have included:

  • Monitoring the incidence, spread and impacts of koa wilt
  • Conducting a survey for a new rust disease on Myrtaceae
  • Assessing the impacts of an invasive thrips infestation

Analysis and reporting projects include developing a historic database of trend analysis and organizing PTIPS plot data into a database for analyzing long-term trends. Click here for a list of current and past projects.  The EM program has an annual call for proposals, typically in August.  Keep your eye on the Washington Office for specific due dates.