Sudden Oak Death Monitoring

nullForest Health Monitoring provides a key role in monitoring Sudden Oak Death (SOD), the term used to describe a phenomenon associated with Phytophthora ramorum, a fungus-like pathogen causing mortality in hardwood species (for a complete list see

Since 2001 USDA Forest Service Forest Health Monitoring program staff and California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo have conducted aerial surveys to map hardwood mortality related to SOD, and targeted ground-based surveys sampling to determine presence of P. ramorum.

These aerial surveys have been conducted statewide across known counties of infestation and border counties including the Sierra Nevada foothills annually. The mapped mortality polygons provide a basis to prioritize ground surveys.

SOD monitoring outreach activities include coordination with other federal, state and local government and private landowners through face-to-face meetings, workshops, and news releases. For monitoring outreach information please contact Zack Heath.


2006 Accomplishment Report Aerial and Targeted Ground-Based Monitoring for Sudden Oak Death (pdf 860 KB)

An Assessment of Sudden Oak Death and Oak Mortality, 2000-2005 (pdf 7.1 MB)

2005 Accomplishment Report: Cooperative Monitoring Program for Early Detection of Sudden Oak Death (Phytophthora ramorum) Aerial and Ground Surveys (pdf - 1.6 MB)

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2002 Accomplishment Report: Statewide Aerial and Ground Survey for Mapping and Monitoring the Distribution of Sudden Oak Death (pdf - 1.6 MB)

Bibliography - Scientific Reference List for Phytophthora Ramorum - California Oak Mortality Task Force

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