Region Level Datasets

Administrative Forest Boundaries, Administrative Region, Basic Ownership, Land Utilization Project, National Grassland, Other National Designated Area, Proclaimed Forest, Purchase Unit, Ranger District, Section, Township, Wild Scenic River  and Wilderness datasets are now served nationally via the Land Status Record System (LSRS).

Adopted Visual Quality Objectives

Burned Area Emergency Response Soil Burn Severity Zones

Cultural Resources Areas

Developed Recreation Sites

 Forest Inventory Planning Units

Inventoried Roadless Areas (includes Toiyabe National Forest)

Land Management Plan Areas

Low Site Timberland Areas

Mechanical Treatments Opportunities

National Monuments

National Recreation and Scenic Areas

Rangeland Management Unit

Unit (Allotment)

Subunit (Pasture)

Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Zones

Research Natural Areas

Soils Sensitive to Erosion

Special Interest Areas

Special Use or Administrative Sites

Unsuitable Forest Land for Timber Production

Vegetation Burn Severity - 1985 to 2017

Vegetation Burn Severity - % Change in Basal Area

Vegetation Burn Severity - % Change in Canopy Cover

Vegetation Burn Severity - Perimeters of Mapped Fires

Water Bodies in Region 5 and Toiyabe National Forests

Recommended Wilderness

Recommended Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers

Roadless Area Review & Evaluation - Historic

2009 Strata Raster: Timber Volume, Value, & Live Tree Biomass Data

2002 Strata Grid: Timber Volume, Value, & Live Tree Biomass Data

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