How do FPR documents fit together?

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They build upon each other.

How do Forest Plan Revision documents fit together? They build upon each other.

Infographic description

A stack of publications (lying flat on their back cover and whose spines have icons and descriptions; see below) serves as the staircase to complete a Forest Plan, while the human element holds onto handrail with text: Wilderness Inventory, Wild and Scenic Rivers Inventory, Proposed Species of Conservation Concern, Monitoring Program, Suitability of Lands*

  1. A pair of leaves icon: Bio-regional Assessment and Science Synthesis
  2. People raising hands icon: Public Involvement Plan
  3. Forest Service Expertise Check icon: Unique Roles and Contributions
  4. Check-box document icon: Forest Assessments
  5. Edit document icon: Need to Change
  6. Notice of Intent document icon: Proposed Action (Scoping)
  7. Draft FP & EIS publication icon: Draft Forest Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement
  8. Final EIS publication icon: Final Environmental Impact Statement & Draft Environmental Impact Statement
  9. Objections (hand stop) icon: Response to Objections
  10. Record of Decision publication icon: Record of Decision
  11. Forest Plan publication icon: Final Forest Plan

* (Asterisk disclaimer) Indicates that these documents can be developed here or at higher levels of the document pyramid.