Forest Plan Revision Process Cycle

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Forest Plan Revision Process.

Current Plan Revision Status

We are currently in the “Objection Phase” of this cycle (bottom left). For information about the objection process, see the How to participate in the objection process fact sheet.

Infographic description

  1. People raising hands icon:
    Public Involvement Plan, Science Synthesis, Bio-regional Assessment
  2. Check-box document icon:
    Forest Assessment*
    Define Forest roles and contributions; identify wild and scenic rivers candidates; construct wilderness inventory, determine potential species of conservation concern
  3. Edit document & bringing skills icon:
    Proposed Plan Development*
    Need to Change, wild and scenic rivers analysis, wilderness inventory and evaluation, proposed species of conservation concern lists, desired conditions
  4. Notice of Intent document icon:
    Notice of Intent, Proposed Actions, Draft Forest Plan*
  5. Draft EIS publication icon:
    Develop Draft Environmental Impact Statement*
    wild and scenic rivers analysis, wilderness analysis, monitoring program development, suitability of lands determination
  6. Completed Draft EIS and Draft Forest Plan icon:
    Complete Draft Environmental Impact Statement & Draft Forest Plan*
    Public comment review, rewriting and analyzing EIS
  7. Draft Final EIS and completed Forest Plan icon:
    Develop Final Environmental Impact Statement & Final Forest Plan
  8. Stop hand sign and Draft FEIS icon:
    Objections Phase*
  9. Record of Decision document icon:
    Record of Decision & Forest Plan implementation
  10. Two-gear icon:
    Forest Plan implementation and monitoring

* (Asterisk disclaimer) Indicates stages in which public input is gathered.