Forest Plan Revision Documents—Sequoia and Sierra National Forests

Screenshot of covers for 3 forest plan documents.Land and resource management plans (Forest Plans) provide direction managing the lands and resources within a national forest. These plans are periodically updated with public involvement. Below are the documents associated with revising the land management plans for the Sequoia and Sierra National Forests.

The Sequoia and Sierra National Forests began revising their forest plans along with the Inyo National forest. Changed conditions from tree mortality on the Sequoia and Sierra forests warranted an update to their draft analysis, while the Inyo moved forward in the revision process without the Sequoia and Sierra forests and released a revised plan, final environmental impact statement and draft record of decision in August 2018. Please visit the Inyo National Forest’s Planning Page for more information on the Inyo’s final documents.

The newly revised draft environmental impact statement and draft forest plans for the Sequoia and Sierra forests are posted on this page in addition to earlier drafts of the documents that include the Inyo National Forest.

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Notice of Availability: Draft Management Plans and DEIS

On June 28, 2019, we released the revised draft environmental impact statement and draft forest plans revising the Sequoia and Sierra National Forests.

These documents and supporting materials are also available at the Sequoia and Sierra plan revision project page generated by the Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA). This page also includes supporting materials and links to subscribe to the project mailing list and submit electronic comments. 

Draft Management Plans

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)


In August 2014 we published a Notice of Intent (NOI) outlining our detailed proposed actions for revising the Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra forest plans. The NOI, detailed proposed action, and maps are available uder the "Scoping" tab

Geospatial Data

Geospatial datasets supporting analysis for the Sequoia and Sierra forest plan revision effort are available for download here.

Supporting Documents

The forest plan revision process involves three stages: assessment of forest resource condition and trend, development of a revised plan, and monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of plan direction. These documents support the first stage of the revision process and provide supporting information for developing revised plans. Working with the public and tribes, we completed these documents in preparation for the formal, major planning process. Updated Species of Conservation Concern documents supporting the release of the revised draft environmental impact statement and draft plans in June 2019 can be found at the topic below.

Various topics of additional public engagement

Current Forest Plans

Forest Roles and Contributions (January 2014)

Desired Conditions

Need to Change

Forest Assessments

Bio-Regional Assessment

Science Synthesis