Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Implementation


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On January 21, 2004, Regional Forester Jack Blackwell signed a new Record of Decision (ROD) for the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment (generally referred to as the "Sierra Nevada Framework"). The ROD and final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS), ;published in 2 parts, volume 1 and volume 2, amended the Land and Resource Management Plans for the eleven National Forests in the Sierra Nevada range to improve protection of old forests, wildlife habitats, watersheds and communities in the Sierra Nevada mountains and Modoc Plateau. On November 18, 2004, the Chief of the Forest Service affirmed the Regional Forester's decision to adopt the 2004 Framework.


The Pacific Southwest Region, which includes California, Hawaii, Guam, and the Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands, continues several long term monitoring studies in the Sierra Nevada. The studies focus on developing scientifically valid assessments of the status of several species and increasing understanding of how forest and rangeland management under direction in the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment Record of Decision 2004 (SNFPA ROD) may affect species, ecosystems, and processes.

Guidance on Limited Operating Periods for the California Spotted Owl

Demographic studies of the California Spotted Owl have been underway for over 15 years. This data set represents a significant body of work that has enabled the identification of many basic facets of California Spotted Owl behavior and population dynamics that were only generally known. Based upon this body of information, it is now appropriate to update the original operational activity limitations to continue providing consistent, reliable, mitigation for all life stages of the California Spotted Owl while also providing for a balanced use of the National Forest resources.

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