Great American Outdoors Act

Great American Outdoors Act: Land, Water & Infrastructure

The USDA Forest Service is moving forward with implementation of the Great American Outdoors Act, which will enable federal land managers to take aggressive steps to address deferred maintenance and other infrastructure projects on national forests and grasslands through 2025.

The Forest Service will use these funds to maximize the benefits experienced by millions of Americans who visit and use their national forests. Projects funded by this act will focus on improving conditions on forest and rangelands, reducing wildfire risk, and increasing the resiliency of our nation's forests for present and future generations. Well-maintained infrastructure ensures safe and healthy visitor use and enjoyment, which is essential to ensuring the benefits of National Forest System land are accessible to all.


FY21 Projects

Legacy Restoration Fund: Authorized and funded deferred maintenance LRF projects in the Pacific Southwest Region that will begin implementation in FY21 can be viewed in the PDF viewer below.

Land and Water Conservation Fund: Authorized and funded LCWF projects in the Pacific South Region that will begin implementation in FY21 can be viewed at this website.

FY 21 GAOA Projects

FY22 Projects

LRF deferred maintenance projects proposed for FY22 are being reviewed for inclusion in the President's FY22 budget. The list of proposed FY22 projects for the Pacific Southwest Region can be found here (PDF).